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Living in the 21st century, when people think about marketing tools their minds literately gravitate towards machines, billboards, autoresonponder, capture pages, and all the other tools that are push button to help you market your business, which are not necessarily a bad thing, but today I want to introduce you to your best marketing tool…. 


Although using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Periscope gives us an advantage over the guys doing things the old school way, but still what the tool i’m sharing with you everyone have access to it already.


Y.O.U are Your Best Marketing tool. 


Then how can you become better if you are your best marketing tool?

first, start by making investment in yourself. Look at your day each day and see how much of your time is invested in you reaching new heights, becoming better at your craft or taking yourself to the next level.

That principle applies to you too even if you have a job, remember unless your job is in direct correlation to where you want to go, you can’t really count it as time invested in YOU.


If you are making money every week and part of it is not being invested in YOU, which is your most reliable tool for advancement you are missing something.

When I made it a weekly goal to invest into my marketing tool, I decided to invest time, money, effort in return for knowledge, skillsets and connections; my business started to grow more every week.



2 Key Words That Will Change Your Business and INCOME

Simple easy words from the English dictionary but have major impact in your business income. the word But & And.

Using BUT to close your prospects to a deal after they had disagree with you either for price or any other reason. The way to close is to agree with them that they are right, nobody likes to be disagreed with, by doing that you will set yourself on the same team as them, then use the word but to go for the close…

(for a live example use the video below…) 


Watch this video below for the 2nd word… 


2 words play





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