Shopify – What You Must do If You Are Failing

Shopify – What You Must do If You Are Failing



Taking Your shopify business to the next level is not something that’s going to happen over night. Many of the successful people you see have taken some serious hit which could easily made them quit but the willingness to be successful kept them going.

Here are some of my and my student Chris Keyz Failures.

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Failure #1
Keder: I did not test out my site
sadly this is the case for many of newbie getting started with so much excited men and the dream of a new opportunity to change our lives sometimes we miss out on the small little things, so before you proceed on spending money on advertising the products on your store, it’s best to test your whole buying process first.

Chris: My Site Looked Like Trash
I review more than 100 sites from students a week and i can tell you it’s crazy what’s out there, but i don’t really blame them because my first site looked like my little brother out of kindergarten put it together. This is a real business so emulate after trusted sites you use for shopify yourself.


Failure #2
Keder:My Pixel was not set up Correctly so i wasn’t tracking anything

When i first started my store it was very complicated to put a pixel on your shop. You had to learn each part of the pixel code and copy paste them to specific sections of your site. Now thank God for your it’s a lot easier since Facebook can just sync with shopify, but still be sure you test your pixel to see if it’s tracking data.

Chris: Not Understanding The Importance of Pixel
I had my pixel on my store but due to the fact i wanted to get paid so bad not realizing that my pixel has to mature i ended up quitting to soon. If you are gathering data you must understand that you are winning even if you did not get the sales yet, you know what’s not working.

Failure #3
Keder: I spent a bunch of money testing stupid weird products of my own taste
What you must understand when you are selling a product it’s not base on what you like but mostly on what your market wants. You might like something but if you don’t have enough need for it or a market for it, you’ll end up not making any significant profit from it.

Chris : I did a bunch of Picture ads instead of Video ads
They say that a picture is worth a thousand words… what would you say about a video then, it’s worth a million words. Videos are so powerful that it gives potential customer a different and interactive look into whatever you are trying to convince them into buying which make the purchase decision a lot easier.


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