Shopify | What Products To Sell That Makes $100,000


Ok you went to and start your own store… NOW What?

This is where many people get stuck…

“What the heck do i sell that will make me money with my shopify store? ”

In This Video I showcase 3 of my products that’s currently active sellers (watch it now)


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Here’s a input from one of my student

“I’ve tried ebay, amazon, and Shopify. I now only sell on Shopify. In my business (fly fishing), there is too much low price point stuff from overseas for me to effectively compete on ebay. Amazon just wasn’t user friendly for me. Shopify allows me to build my own brand over time. And it takes time. No matter what your platform, if your product isn’t good and you don’t have a brand people can differentiate, respect, and trust, you will fail. Shopify has been great for us.”


This couldn’t be more right.

If you are have a shopify store you need to start thinking of the long term goal, not just to make a quick buck and disappear, your customers become loyal when they see that you are loyal to them.


How To Choose A Winning A Product?

This is the magic part that most people are waiting for…
The real answer is you can’t choose a winning product just by looking at it. Many times the products i thought would be a best seller and make a killing ended up not being that great of a hit. Always keep in mind that customers will buy based on their interests not yours; so never get too attached, never get too overly excited about a product without testing.


More likely your winning products will reveal themselves to you after you test.



How Do you Test? 

Once i find a niche. I usually line up 10 products from that niche that i’m going to test. I always know that 2 of them will be massive winners because of the 80/20 rules, this rules says “80% of your results will come from 20% of the work”. Therefore 2 of my products usually are winners; as you get better with your game you will start developing an eye for winners where you can increase that ratio.

Use Site like to look over your competition and see what’s currently selling. Make a list of 10 of those products and list them on your store.

Create a video ads for each product, because videos will get you faster data in a couple of days.

Always keep in mind that your initial ads have nothing but testing


How Do you Scale? 

Once find an ad that’s making you sales on a product, the next stage is to scale up…
The specific method I use to scale up fast and scale up
is with Lookalike audiences that facebook allow you to create.

If you initial track your purchases with Facebook pixel
it will give you the option to automatically generate look-a-like audiences

Here’s the formula i follow

1% look-a-like
2% look-a-like
3% look-a-like
4% look-a-like
5% look-a-like
6% look-a-like
7% look-a-like
8% look-a-like
9% look-a-like
10% look-a-like


Once you do that you should be able to start tracking in the week
which audience is doing better and scale up that one.


I hope this helps…

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