Shopify – Virtual Assistance, The Process To Outsource Your Business

The Process To Outsource Your Business



Ad To Post For Face Book Account Manager

– Reply to every comment on FB post. We want them to

feel warm and friendly communicating with us.

– Hide all bad comments.

– Ban users as needed.

– Manage All fan pages in our portfolio + posts.

You’ll make sure to keep an eye on everything in our social media portfolio.

– Manage and answer Private messages. We get a lot of these from comments to questions and they need speedy replies.

– Setup up filters in the page moderation section for curse words and other negative comments seen frequently. This is something that will need to update on a regular basis.

– Update FP Traffic software so we are posting 12 times a day all new images and content with our links. It’s important that we stay in front of our audience at all times.

– Hit every post that has “Likes” and invite them to like our fan page. We want them to interact, feel welcome, and continue to engage our pages.

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Here is what I’m looking for:

* You don’t mind working long hours and being flexible.

* You can multi-task, you will need to be able to handle a lot at one time without cracking under pressure

* You are highly organized, and detailed oriented wanting long-term employment.

* You are familiar with fan pages, shares, commenting and likes etc,.

* Self-motivated and easily reachable thru Skype or other social media.

* You must speak and write English very well.



Ad To Post For Designer

Looking for someone that is VERY creative

Knows Photoshop

Can follow simple directions

Looking for typography t-shirt designs

If you are awesome this will be a full time job.


Skills required:

– Graphics & Multimedia
– Shirt Design
– Must be flexible and willing to work off EST time zone




Ad To Post For Customer Service Manager & Personal Assistant


Hours:  Full-time position. 6 to 7 Days a week hours are based on EST Time Zone.

Seeking an AMAZING Customer Service Manager & Personal Assistant help me in my growing business.

My business is selling apparel, home décor and jewelry! We primarily sell online and we’re growing very quickly.

As our Customer Service Manager (and Personal Assistant), your job will include:


You’ll be the right hand guy or gal to a busy entrepreneur, which includes managing the following:

1) Responding to all customer questions/concerns over email, Facebook and our Website. You’ll become an expert in our products and will be able to help customers with their needs and questions.

2) You’ll manage various fan pages on Facebook

3) You’ll run weekly reports and will organize those for me.

4) You’ll be assigned various administrative tasks related to inventory management, new ordering, product research, etc.

5) You’ll be open to learning new systems/new tasks to help me in my growing business.


A little about you:

-You must be available to work together in my time zone (EST).

-You’re very comfortable with technology and can learn new systems/processes quickly

-You love providing awesome customer service

-Your conscious and hard-working


You’re experience (required):

-You must have customer support experience.

-You must have a positive attitude and be very willing to learn. You’ll constantly be learning in this position.

-You must be detail-oriented


If interested, please send your hourly wage requirements and availability.


Interview Process:

  1. Confirm that they understand the pay rate and the hours they’ll work
  2. Tell them about you and your business!
  3. Find out if they have other commitments? ( Do they have another job)

You want your virtual assistants to be – and feel – a part of our team. Let them know that all of your focus and energy is put into your customers and your community, and you want your virtual assistants to do the same.


  1. How long were they at their previous job for, and why did they leave?
  2. What are their hobbies? Do they have a family?
  3. How do they handle difficult situations, like when they might have questions or not know how to complete a task?

Give an example and then ask them to provide you with there answer.

ie.. Customer is upset about not receiving the item they ordered. How would they handle it not knowing your refund policy or your procedures.


  1. Why do they want this job?

Plain and simple – yet effective and very revealing 🙂 This is one of the questions where I feel like I either connect with the candidate, or I don’t. If someone cannot express why they want the job that I’m offering, then for me, that means they’re probably not the right fit.


  1. What area are they in and do they experience frequent power outages and what measures do they have in place so that you don’t have customers waiting for replies?
  2. Explain that you are eventually looking to bring on a Project Manager and would like to teach the business to one person that will be able to hire and fire a team of VA’s that can handle the tasks that are required daily, weekly and monthly. Do they see themselves able to handle this level of responsibility? Do they have experience in hiring or do they believe they can bring on a team to help with the tasks needed? Also do they have a problem letting someone go if they are not meeting expectations?
  3. Explain that all new hires need to prove their worth and EVERYONE starts out at the same rate of pay for the first 2 days and that is $2/hr. After the 2nd day do you will re-evaluate them and make a decision if they have what it takes to stay on full time or if it’s not a good fit. Get a commitment from the VA and find out   when they can start?



Daily tasks


  1. Customer Service
  •      Answer emails & Live Support using
  •      Follow up on emails to make sure all have been answered
  •      Manage online chat.


  1. Facebook / Social Media
  •      Check facebook, and any other social platform comments  

      Hide/delete negative comments

      Interact with customer

      Facebook Posting & commenting in groups

      Promoting content and products

      Join groups related to our niche



  •      Check orders for any notes or changes
  •      Export all orders
  •      Create Daily spreadsheet with Products and COG
  •      Separate orders for correct suppliers
  •      Send order to suppliers
  •      Contact suppliers to make sure that they have received orders
  •      Pay supplier invoices
  •      Follow up on previous orders for tracking no and shipment
  •      Check Ali express update order details     
  •      Enter all Tracking #’s and fulfill orders


4.Products – Ali Express

  •      Check Ali Express products for price changes update/details


If You Want The Whole Sheet Which Include Weekly and Monthly Task and meetings for your VAs Get it Below


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