Shopify – 5 Tips To Make $50,000 On Black Friday

How can you Crush Sales With Shopify on this Black Friday?

This is the time of the year where even a newbie can go out there and make a killing…
Because there’s an influx of buyers right at this time.
They key is to put yourself on the other end of the transaction and see you win …

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Find  Hot Selling Products

If you don’t know what to sell, this is the time you have to dive in doing some research from what happened last year black friday. What did people buy and how much of it they bought ?
Find what people bought from major brand such as amazon, walmart, best buy ect

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Increase Your Testing Capital

As of today most advertising Platform will see a surge in ad budget spent just as the same way there will be a surge in sales, so therefore expect for the traffic to get a bit more costly, but remember people are prone to buy at this time of the year, so it will be also rewarding when you increase your ad budget.

advertising budget


Once you find a product that people are buying from your store, be relentless with your scaling campaigns. From Website conversion to retargeting ads and lookalike audiences . Do it all and scale like a mad man, remember you have only 5 days to  make this strategy work.





Start With Instagram Influencers

If your budget is lower than $2,000 start with Instagram influencers but remember you only have a quick window, so if you can find an influencer who’s willing to get your post out a couple of day before black friday or on Thanksgiving it would work the best.


Upload Your Buyers In Facebook for Lookalike Audience Creation

Once you have buyers, the most targeted audience you can have is people who have similar interest in buying your product. It would have been impossible to do that back in the days, but now with Facebook engine being so powerful you can take your csv files of buyers downloaded from your website and upload it inside of facebook asset under audience, custom audience. After you upload them all, create a lookalike audience to those buyers.


Scarcity- Offer Close down after Black Friday

You can put a countdown timer on your page letting people know that the deals will only last 24hours that if they don’t buy it now, they will have to get it at the original price when the clock expires. This will push people to take action right away without delaying the sale for another day.


I hope this helps…

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