Shopify – 10 TASKS You Should Outsource To Make More Money

Shopify – 10 TASKS You Should Outsource To Make More Money


I will discuss today the 10 tasks that you can outsource to other people so that you can grow your Shopify store.

This Shopify stuff is killing me. I feel like I don’t have any time for my other businesses. It is time-consuming. If you are building a business right now, there’s gonna be a lot of stuff you gotta put together. You know specifically this is mostly for people that have other businesses like me. Personally, I have stuff like affiliate marketing and YouTube videos.

When I start my new store with Shopify I’m not gonna sit and do all the menial tasks because it is gonna be totally crazy specifically for those of you who’s already getting stuff rolling. When I first started my store for the first time I was doing everything by myself. So I capped to the ceiling because not only was I putting the product on the store, I was also doing the product research, I was doing the Facebook ads and then actually I got a sale. I have to go and fulfill the order I got to find the merchants, and I have to find everything because I was doing everything on my own.

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I wanna talk about the 10 tasks you should outsource to make more money and if you stay till the end of this video, I’ll give you access to one of my ways on how other people can do that stuff for you. I’ll make another video on how to hire people.

There’s something called opportunity costs which is the time that is gonna take you to build something. Some people who get into business, they don’t think about the time value and time frame, so that you can focus on the most important parts of the business. 95 percent of people fell out of the business and those are some of the reasons. If you already went and you’re not winning at a higher level, these are some of the reasons why you are stuck because you are trying do everything by yourself. At the end of this video I will give you my document on how to hire the Virtual Assistants that can help run your online business.

Now let’s talk about it. Number one is store setup. If you’re already getting things done, you can hire someone to actually set up the store for you. What you gotta do is there’s a app called econ inspector, you can download and you can look at over different stores or you can shop around and look at many different Shopify stores. Look at the layout, you know just let whoever’s gonna build your store know that this is the type of store that you want. You can keep working on your other stuff and they can set up the store for you.

Number two is graphic design. Like me, I don’t like graphics, I don’t do graphics. I don’t know how to do graphics and it’s not my passion so I do not concentrate on it. Like this logo for example that’s on my shirt. It’s my logo no quitters. But I can’t do something like this even if I spend days learning it.That’s not what I do. Therefore, I hire someone who knows how to do it. Don’t try to mess around with creating logo unless you’re passionate about that stuff.

I focus on the direct results to my money. I focus on the things that create direct result and direct impact on my money. Facebook advertising has a direct impact if you understand how to bring traffic to your customers, you will understand that stuff, I promise that you can crush almost anything. This traffic is everything I focused my time to because I realized how much more understanding traffic can bring me versus understanding color-scheme of graphics. I’m not saying like if you do graphic design, that you don’t make money but I’m saying like in my field for what I do, I love the marketing I love getting traffic. I love getting people to a funnel and I love seeing the numbers rise and I love understanding numbers.

Next thing is product research.You can hire someone to actually do all the product research for you. They can do like six products a day and they put them on your store and you test them but gotta find when you have a campaign, you don’t have to be there researching products every single day.

The next skill is Facebook commenting. Facebook commenting is interacting with people that’s coming on to your facebook page. If you have a bunch of people that’s coming to your page like people buying your product, you’re gonna need to create some type of interaction with these people that’s coming in to ask questions. There may be thousands of comments on the facebook page. Now just think about it you have your whole day now not only you have to do the Facebook campaign, you got to deal with Facebook comments where people are asking you about your product or people tagging and asking you questions. You can spend a whole day just doing that or you can scale into a whole next level.

The next thing after Facebook comment is to filter Facebook replies and Facebook messages like people were messaging you from your from your Facebook. You can have someone that’s filtering the message and they can send them to you. If they don’t know how to answer them and then the basic stuff then you could do like a spreadsheet of basically most of the comments that people are gonna have and how that person can answer them. They can forward to you the parts they cannot answer or are important. For example, if they have a credit card fraud or whatever you might want to deal with that personally.

You don’t want to deal with every comment that the customers are saying and the craziness throughout the whole day. You want to have someone who can actually take care of that stuff for you.

Next thing is email marketing and email campaign. You definitely want to have someone on top of it that can send the customers email. You can hire an outsourcer that can take care of the email management and manage every email.Like I said anything that needs your attention. This is sending a support ticket. You want to have someone on time that can actually get in touch with those people for support.

Another one is product fulfillment. Imagine, if you are selling thousands of units every single year, hundreds of units every single day you gonna have to spend the whole day actually fulfilling orders. It’s gonna kill you because you’re one man. Sure you definitely want to have a couple of people onboard doing that stuff for you. In that way you don’t have to do that.

Another one is website maintenance. Like you want someone that can check your website. Every single day before they start working for you to check the website to see if the process is going through if your sales process is going through, and if everything is on place so that they can get that stuff
that you don’t have to do this thing yourself.

Another is if I have to return in an exchange. You don’t have to be dealing with exchange and and you know and refunds and all of that stuff. These are the things that can slow you down.

Take a rest from all the crazy headaches that you get from building a one-man show of building your online business all by yourself. Like I said in the beginning if you don’t have any income coming in you might have to do everything and also you want to know your business so you might have to fulfill every part of your business in the beginning so that you know it. But once you start growing and get to the next level you definitely want to get a lot done faster so that way you have three, four or five people that are working for you. You guys can create something beautiful and something
amazing together.

So if you made it to the end of this video, you got some value if you’d like to have my sheet here’s the thing, here’s what I’m gonna do if you’d like to have my sheets for hiring VAs. I have a place where I hire them and I’ll show you how to do the interview with them. I just want you to comment to this video and let me know if you want it and then when you comment if I get a hundred comments I’m gonna give you my whole sheet on how to do the interviews. You can have people working for you and how much I pay them every month and how much money they actually bringing me to the store and all that good stuff.


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