Secret Formula Help me Sponsor 600 people in 2 months

Mass Sponsoring… 

Your business will take a complete SHIFT when you figure out that part…

This formula was introduce to me by a great mentor of mine, Todd.

He was actually implementing it with Product Creation

But after I gave it a GO for an online marketing company then my own product

it produce the same results, I knew this worked every time…


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Mass Sponsoring Formula 

I will give you most part of it in the video above and the rest of this blog here…

If you anything like me you will soon figure out that

It’s easy to join a new business opportunity because a new one come out every week,

But what’s hard for most people

is achieving success in these companies,

Because of the BIG demon call Sponsoring ahahah lol 🙂

I had found myself face the same thing in the beginning of my online career

But as i further my education

And got around some mentor,  i figured that it was a strategic process…

Here’s the Full Sponsoring Formula


1- Foundation: Find what it is that you want to promote,

In this department, i usually look for something that align with my VISION 

It will be much easier to promote if it seats well with your Big Picture


2 Intersection: A Facebook Group, A Skype Group, somewhere they can all come together.

At first you want to definitely get them on your email list

But for long term purpose you,

you want to have them in a place where it’s easy to communicate with them as a whole

And encourage interaction between group members and the team.


3 Targeting: This all to do with marketing,

as of the moment i’m writing this blog, i use Facebook in a lot of my market Targeting

Facebook makes it very easy for you with all the details to target potential Prospects who would be Interested in your Business.

couple of ways to go about it, is FREE, by using tools to Communicate with your Prospects


Or Paid, Where your prospects take the first steps on his or her interest,

If you are not familiar with paid ads I have specific trainings on it in the Marketing Training Buffet 


4 Indoctrination: The Value that you bring to your future team…

During this stage, you want to learn as much you about

Your VISION, Your Calling, Your Drive and Your Company

In this space you get your audience to see their future with your product..


You can do that with a series of webinars

Daily valuable Trainings, and videos…


5 Duplication: This is where you start creating leaders

By Delegating tasks to other team members who gets the VISION

You want to focus on create leaders not followers.


This was the key to sponsoring made easy…


if you follow this I can almost tell you are about to see some amazing Success…




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how to sponsor people in my business

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