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Many Times We join companies with the mindset that they have a really good product for me to promote to my family friends and other people… Then come to findout, after you join, you can’t make any money because you don’t really know how to get traffic and leads for the business or conversion… That happened to me many times before, until i said I was going to learn how to market so that whenever I join a new company i can always make money.

Once you gain the skill that I’m going to teach you in the video below you can take your Game To The Next Level in Re 24/7/365 . There are 3 main key that you need in become successful in any business that you are part of, I will be covering them through this blog and training…


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What You Need To Win In Marketing 

In order for you to succeed in any business that you are marketing you going to need these process called the 3 Cs of Marketing.
Creating Traffic 
Capture Leads 
Convert to sales….

Let’s Get a bit deeper in the how to make that happen for your business…

Creating Traffic
In this process you going to need to traffic for whatever that you are marketing. Some ways you can Traffic is through Blogging, social media, creating videos, all FREE
You can take the route of PAID Marketing, where you can pay Facebook for paid advertising, soloads, ppc, co-ops, media buys and many other resources where you will pay someone according to their fees and they would send you the traffic on demand. For more Info on how to get LEADS make sure you sign up for my 8 Days Bootcamp on the right side… ~~~> 


Capture Leads
You need to have the ability to capture that traffic when it comes to you, for this process you will need to have capture pages, not just one capture page, but the ability to multiple capture pages and test which one is converting in order to keep using that one and ditch the one that is not converting high… Sometimes, some capture page will convert great on social media but it’s not converting on paid marketing, that is why tracking is important, specially if you are doing paid marketing, the difference can save you and make you a lot of money.


Convert To Sales
90% of the time people will not just buy into your business opportunity or even RE 24/7/365 the first time they see the information, they will need to see it over and over again to get familiar with it, and understand the fact that they need it. In Conversion the main important factor is an autoresponder where you can communicate more information and educate your list of subscribers about what your product will for them and how they will be able to use it to their own advantage…


If you are not Wining You need to Surround Yourself with People Who are Wining 

I have a community of people that are winning, one key point to success is to an environment where people can win, so surround yourself…


Watch this video Of One of My Students Wining Online, In A Lamborghini 

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Marketing Tools and Traffic is Your Answer

Having the right marketing tools and you effectiveness to get traffic for your business is always the difference between the people who win in their business…Free Training Internet Once you get the Lead System Network Tool suite for your Re 24/7/365 business i will also introduce you to some tricks of the trade that will show you how to rock this…










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