Power of Events And Being Connected With The Right People

Events Will Change Your LIFE

Events will change your business and your life forever, I can almost guarantee that…
Ever since I started my online career, I have been to many different events that affected my income, change my surrounding, and help me grow to the next level… 
If you ever have the opportunity to go to a company event, Just buy the ticket and go, that might be what’s stopping you from Succeeding if you haven’t been to one…

Our Team Event In Orlando On September 26-27th 2014

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How Was My First Event Experience? 

The First Online Marketing Event that i ever went to was in Austin Texas, It was for Empower Network about 2 Years Ago… I have never been to a company event before, but for some reason i was compelled to go….
This is how it all started. 

After I had joined my first online marketing company, I started to make some money online… Then one night I receive an email from a guy name Mike who’s a mentor of mine, sharing his story about how online marketing company events change his life… From his first online marketing company events he met his first business partners and they went on to create million dollars businesses.

The One Thing I remember from that night… He said, get to a company event and your life will change…
For some reason I believe it and I know if I got there, i would find my next business partner and my life would change…

That’s exactly what happened at my first event... I ended up meeting my first business partner, we went ahead to create multiple companies and products that made well over 6 Figures in the market place…


I remember, when it was time for me to make the decision to go to that event, I really didn’t even have the money to buy my airplane tickets and the hotel for me to stay, but I was so compelled that event was gonna change my life that I sold my car to buy the ticket in order for me to get there… Sometimes it’s not what’s gonna happen to your business, it’s what you gonna make happen for your business, And I was willing to risk it all for my vision… ARE YOU?


Fast Forward 2 YEARS LATER

Fast forward 2 years later, I’m in Orlando Florida at an event and sharing my story infront of a lot of people on how I went from making little to nothing online, to making our first 6 Figures Month in the month of September of 2013 using the internet, makes me realize that anything is possible, and if you are reading this blog, I believe you can come on and live your Dream, Change your life and your family’s life in the process, but it’s all up to you… will you do it or let FEAR crumble you from getting there…

First Time Sharing How I accomplished a 6 Figures Month Online…

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  1. Coming to events for online business is powerful it IS a great way to get connected with other like minded people like you

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