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In this era we live in, making money online has gotten so much popularity, from ads being run all day in on facebook to google to your email address. Everywhere you go, there’s someone talking about it. So I’m sure by now you already know that it’s no secret, you can actually make money online and get rich; but there are a few conditions.

In This Video Below I Share 3 major Keys to build a successful online business from home

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Learn from your failures

The willingness to fail and come out on top is what separate those who become very successful and those who are average. If you going to start your business working from home, keep in mind, most business that you start with will not yield the desired results in the first 90 days, it’s nothing but foundation. Make a plan to pass the 90 days Future projecting.


But don’t play it too safe.

“The Bigger the RISK the Bigger the reward” altho this statement is true, i do not recommend if you have responsibility such as a family to provide for, for you to just take uncalculated risk in the beginning of your online business from home.


Create a clear vision

To gain clarity you must keep the end results in mind. You can use strategies such as imagery, incantations, and affirmations, but nothing take the place of action. By staying consistent with your daily actions you will reinforce your mind to believe that you are clear on what you what and how you plan to get it.


Project that vision

Projecting your vision only take place when present actions are pushing against every resistance to breakthrough. Understand there are

4 Levels Of Action

  1. Do Nothing 
  2. Retreat 
  3. Normal level of Actions
  4. MASSIVE Actions 


Despite how it may sound, do not assume that doing nothing requires no energy, effort, and work! Regardless of which degree of action you operate in, they all require work in their own ways.


Signs that you are doing nothing include exhibiting boredom, lethargy, complacency, and lack of purpose. People in this group will find themselves spending their time and energy justifying their situations— which requires as much work as the other actions.


“Retreaters” are those who take actions in reverse—probably in order to avoid negative experiences that they imagine will come as a result of taking action.


The goal here is average—average marriages, health, careers, and finances. As long as average works, they are fine with it. They don’t cause problems for others or themselves as long as conditions remain steady and predictable.

Be patient.

One of the biggest mistakes young Entrepreneurs make is going for the big money too early. Instead of trying to cash in on your first crop of ideas as soon as possible, plant as many seeds as possible.

“Too many entrepreneurs and young business people are thinking ‘how can I make money tomorrow?’”You really have to think long term and build something you believe in and stay focused on the vision and the plan and know it’s ultimately going to pay off.”




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