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Making money online is a process that hunts most people because they know it’s possible and more likely if you are watching my videos, reading this blog you can more than confirm that there are people who are making a killing on the internet and living the FREEDOM LIFESTYLE.

But with a bit of clarity, i want to inform you that it comes with a price. Most of the people who makes it are willing to pay.

Let me give you a formula through which every Entrepreneur has to go through in order to reach their full potential.

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Make Money Online MYTHS

Before we get into the formula to make money online, let’s talk about some of the myth that people

  1. Everything is a SCAM
    I think this is one of the reason so many people fail to make money on the internet because of that belief that their peers have or heard horror stories of someone trying something and lost money, or that person did not do their research, was a newbie, did not do the work and quited. so they let the idea of scam plague their minds which prevent success in anything.
  2. Making Money is EASY 
    This one many people who are currently making money online will probably disagree with me because they have reach that level where it becomes easy due to the work they have put in the process. Making money online is just as doing anything else, the beginning will be hard, sustaining it takes work ethic and principle. It’s very much possible but you must be willing to fail first before you succeed.
  3.  You just need one hit 
    This is the lotery mindset that gets a lot of people losing money more than they are making, just like the average lotto players, 99.9% will loose all the money they play in the lotery for a lifetime but many take that chance anyway. If you see your business in the same manner you are going on way to destruction. Jumping program to program, strategy to strategy hoping for a hits, you will become a program junkie but no real success to testify results long term.
  4. Only People who’s computer Savy Can make Money Online
    this one is nothing but an excuse for people not to even try. Most of my students who are making a lot of money on the internet have no technical crazy skills, the only thing you need is a drive, a desire to learn and commitment to the process you can accomplish your goals using the internet.



So How Do you Increase Your Income Online by hundreds and thousands

-First is to figure out what you want to do, because there’s so many ways to make money online that most online entrepreneur fail because of information overload, they become paralyse with so much information that they don’t know what to do with or where to start.

I recommend you at that time, to slow down, find what you want to win in,

and if you are broke it doesn’t necessarily have to be your passion.

Next Find a mentor or mentors in that department and buy their course, coaching, classes,

get as close as you can to suck up their processes and implement right away.


-Once you start creating cashflow in one particular skillset,

Now learn how you can add another cashflow to your income

with either a new skillset, product or service.


-Create a consulting program as your skill grow

this is where you get to increase your price by whatever you want.

And as your skill grow the more you have to bring to the table

the easier it will be for you to increase your price.


That’s all i have for you,

I hope you enjoy this…




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