How You Are Losing Money From Youtube, And You Don’t Even KNOW it

Are You A Youtube Partner or not? 

Making money online is about the ability to diversities your income
from one place to another.
Being able to capitalize on mostly everything that you do online now
has become something that is way easier to do now than back then…

So if you are not making videos, you are losing money
And if you are making videos but you don’t partner with Youtube
Just like i didn’t for my last 2 years, You are losing money.


Watch this Video For the Solution to the PROBLEM   

My Secret For Any Newbie To Make Big MONEY with Youtube

     Here’s the Secret guys… 
So you become a youtube partner, which i’m going to show you how to do it
In the video below in this blog…

What you going to need to do next is random HOW TO’s videos
Stuff that everyday people are looking for,
Specially if you are in the making money online niche,

It’s very competitive, so without a name, and reputation
it will take you a while before you videos start Getting 100,000 Views on a video…
but you can do How to Videos to Boost your channel n views…




Like This Notification above i got from Youtube
From one of my videos that has reach 100,000 Views
But I never monetized any of these views…

When I decided to monetize by partnering with YT that one video
is making now $45 a month so far…


How To Increase Your Views 

The First part is going to be CONSISTENCY, 
If you going to start a youtube channel you have to be consistent
Make it a plan to make one video a day 5 days a WEEK…

Or 3 videos a week every week,
Or any pattern that is consistent with your subscribers

Next What I do, if i make a video i want more exposure to it,
I use this one tool that sets me on automation
Sharing my videos with people in the same niche, in attempt to get more VIEWS…


How To Monetize, get more views, make videos that convert?

I create a whole special course for you call YOUTUBE Rank to Bank
where can you learn  more inside tips on Youtube Marketing
And Training…

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