How We Turned $9 Into $30,000 Using NBA

First thing to do is to play Fantasy Sport. In this place obviously I’m playing Basketball because I keep up with the news, I watch what’s going on with the NBA, I’m a big fan of Lebron James, so I’m always paying attention to this stuff. Now if you have any interest into any sports, NBA is not the only sports that you can actually play in fantasy sport, there is so many different ones like football ot NHL

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I’m gonna give you some tips here on how actually get this stuff going.


This is no guarantee you will win, but if you are well informed about certain sports and recognizing some behaviors you can predict certain future.


This is not for everyone, and I would not recommend this as an active business model. But if you need business model that create cash flow online, I have a group and I made a lot of other videos about different active cash flow. And I have a group called Cashflow Strategist where a bunch of strategy that I teach and how to create active income.

So this is only if you have hundred dollars and you want to play, you really up to it. This should only comes from your profit once you have active income. So what are the things you must understand with fantasy basketball, football or watever its fantasy sports, the types that I made the money form is called Fanduel.

There’s so many sites that you can actually use and I’m gonna share the Top 4 that I used, there are many other ones you can choose whatever you want. Just like:


Fanduel is a customer friendly hub for daily fantasy sports players. FanDuel offers variety of game formats for MFL, MLB, NBA and NHL as well as a quality user experience not found at other daily fantasy sites. This FanDuel review will cover the ins and outs of this industry leader. Plus, you can receive an exclusive sign-up bonus if you create an account by using one of their links.

DraftKings Promo Code and Review

DraftKings knows how to attract daily fantasy sports fans, offering a site that’s loaded with bonuses and guaranteed prize pools. But the “royal” treatment doesn’t end there. Checkout this DraftKings review for a complete run-down of the features and offerings you’ll find from this industry leader.

FantasyDraft Promo Code And Review

FantasyDraft is a new basic fantasy sports site that released their beta product in October 2014. They have a sleek interface and a unique referral program that rewards players like never before.

DRAFT Review

DRAFT is a truly mobile daily fantasy game, brought to you by the founding team of the StarStreet. This app offers a number of fun, easy to play contest formats and is gear more towards groups than large field tournaments.

With all those websites, It’s free to start an account. All you’re gonna have to do is load up your money once you wanna play like when I first started, all I did was load up $20 defend rule and that was years back then I uploaded  $100 and every now and then whatever I get profit in my business I put more.

Here is some Tips and Pointers that I can give you if you decide to do this, I will still build an active business that create revenue and only from your profit, what you can afford to lose and play with that.

These are some tips that  I have followed How We Turned $9 Into $30,000 Using NBA. Now as I mention, on the video above I go into more details on how the whole process work. So be sure to watch the video above, so you’ll get more shinning on the Idea.

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