How To Train To Reach Greatness

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Greatness Only Comes With Training…

Look into any professional sports, seek for the individuals who are above average,
Those we look up to, the ones that are the greats of their era; more likely you will find out
They have insane and ridiculous training regimen…

If you want to be great you can’t escape the training.


“If the End Comes let it find you climbing a new mountain not sliding down an old one” Jim Rohn

The ones who have achieved true success know that it takes just as much effort to maintain, but it’s worst to just let go, and get back to the bottom.


Muhammed Ali said, “I hate every minute of training but chose to suffer now and live the rest of my life as a champion.”

And that’s why he’s the greatest to ever set foot in the ring…. He did not only dominate performance, but he also created full total control during performance. Keep that in mind, when you become a professional, you don’t paid to practice, you get paid to perform but practice is what deferentiate whether people want to see you or the next person…


Gustavo F Switf said “Don’t Let Your Best So Far Be the Standard for the Rest of your LIFE”
Don’t rely on yesterday’s work to cary you in today’s new problem, new economy, new era.



If you gonna train for greatness, training must be consistent and perpetual. Most people are not willing to train but yet wondering why their results sucks, or why they don’t come even close to someone else who’s crushing it.

No matter how much talents you have, if you don’t train your skills, your talents will fail you.

1- Get Mentally FIT
Your First Battle happens in your mind, if you are not fit in there you can forget about the rest it won’t even matter. Not Taking care of your mind is Forfeiting to your enemy that is “accepted failure”

2- Get On Your GRIND
Forget what every body else is doing, they are not part of your agenda, FOCUS on your grind, focus on getting results, focus on growing to the next level. Put your blinders on and go to work.
3- Train Like HELL
Refuse to stop until your results set the new standard on how things are done, Until then don’t accept defeat, don’t be satisfied, don’t retreat, don’t Give up and Certainly Don’t QUIT.
4- There’s NO EASY Way OUT
As much as people look for the easy way out, if they had put the same effort in getting results they would be way closer to accomplishing their dreams and goal. True Greatness lies in doing what other people aren’t willing to do so you can have the results others only dream of…


If You are willing to be great, be willing to follow these key points i shared with you, because greatness only comes with training 







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