How To Sell On The Phone

This is one thing that if you learn how to do in the beginning of your business career you will never go broke again, and even if was to ever go broke you know that your phone is a weapon you can use faster than anything else to create immediate and instantaneous results.

But It takes some times and many trial and error to master.

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6 Keys To Sell On the Phone

The First Key To closing deals on the phone

1- Willingness to get on the Phone 
As many people will get you to believe that you live in the era where the internet is everything, you can just make millions of dollars without using the phone… Although that can be very true in many cases but in most powerful deal that cost thousands to millions of dollars they are made either over the phone or in a live setting.

2- Know You the bomb 
Attitude is everything when it comes to selling. Most prospects will mirror your apparent emotions when selling, regardless of the authenticity of the product that you are selling.  If you have an attitude of confidence when you come in the call, and in your head you can already see the client paying for the deal or the product, you already assume the end results before it happens , therefore it boost your confidence knowing that you know how the call turn out.

3- You don’t Care about the Money
Don’t ever go into a call thinking about the commission you gonna make or the client’s money you will gladly take, and now you will have just another 0 added to your check or bank account… you want to care about what the prospect cares about, which is “how is your product going to solve the problem that they are having…. ” Best way to put it is to know the benefits of your product, not just the features but the benefits… For example a car feature would be heated padded seat but the benefits would be “Thinking about you just got out of the snow and it’s less than 5 degree outside, but you jump and this car and you can just feel the warm feeling and comfort as you drive home to your family… ”

4- Increase Prospects Expectation Before Validating your Price 
This is one powerful formula that i came up with while i was making thousands of phone calls a week for a high ticket program that i was selling. Because the item that i was selling was more expensive than all my competition I find it to create a shock in my potential client when i told them the price. So what i did was testing different strategy and found a winner. I tested telling the price then the benefits, that didn’t work, then i tested increasing their expectations and future results and that work…Let me give you an example….Let’s say I was trying to sale a car to a business to business owner who have to speak at meetings and give presentation where he gets paid $500 per gig, so what i would say is how this car will be an asset to you because it will increase your value… Just imagine yourself going to close your next gig and your prospects see you roll up in this car, this will automatically help you raise your price and close the deal…

5- Always Agree Before You Disagree 
You never want to set yourself as your prospects opponent… the goal is to make them realize that we are on the same team… So if they say something like “I think this is way too expensive” . You should never tell them i don’t agree with you… first you want to agree with them then give them your reasoning to why this is the best investment that they will make in themselves.

6- A Wait is not a CLOSE 
Most people would start making phone calls and get excited about customers who says this week-end, next week, next month; and then move on to the next… Your goal is to see merchant account process payment, not a word of confirmation, until you close the sale, there’s no reason to celebrate or give up on pushing a bit harder. Understand that your product only serves its purpose in the hands of your clients not your hands…These are 6 Key points i use to keep in mind when selling on the phone…If they are helpful to you be sure to leave a comment in the comment box below this blog….

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