How To Rank Videos On Youtube And Drive Traffic To Your Website

How To Rank Videos On Youtube

Youtube Ranking

I have been marketing online for over 3 years and video marketing has been one of the most powerful tool in becoming successful online… This blog is for anyone who wants to learn how to rank videos on youtube d, I will go from the beginning to cover what you need to create a video, to upload the video and rank that video for free traffic…

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How To Rank Videos On Youtube Training


How to rank videos on youtube



 What You Need To Know To Get Your Videos Rank

Use your Phone or a Camera or Computer webcam

Many times a lot of people will make excuses to why they can’t make videos... Some will say it’s because they don’t have the best camera, some will say they don’t have good lighting, some will say they don’t have equipments, don’t let that person be you.
Create a Google Account With Youtube

It’s very easy to create an account with Youtube, once you get a GOOGLE account you will automatically get a youtube account which is FREE.
Create Your Videos and Upload Them …

Once you create the videos, you can upload them to Youtube… There’s other places also you can post your videos, include places like Vimeo, Metacafe, Dailymotion and many more.


Youtube video traffic how to rank

TYPES of Video You Can Make!!!

Some people might struggle with that part… What do I talk about in my videos… Here’s a couple of topics you can focus on when making your videos. But First, make sure you keep this formula in mind … Who, What, Why  (Who are you, What is your video about it, Why is it a good decision for your viewer)

Some Types of Videos
-Story : Share your story and people will see your growth
-Training (Learn some, do some, TEACH some, do some)
-Inspiration, help others to grow
-Product Reviews, go to or clickbank to get products that you can review



Some Tools You Can Use To Make Videos and Rank Videos

These tools below you can use to record your video and get them to Youtube, so you can drive Traffic. Some of them has a free trial, but if you want the paid version contact me, I can help you get them FREE.

Screen recorder
Camtasia , Screenflow



Syndication is the most important step after video creation, specially in the beggining, you more likely will not have the amount  of subscribers that will get an email alert of new videos that you upload, so your job is to get as many people as possible to see your video by syndicating in many different places…

Here are some places that you can syndicate your video once it’s done… 


  • Facebook Groups (manually, Tools)  Video Syndication how to rank youtube video
  • G+
  • Linkedin
  • Blog
  • Email List
  • Facebook Wall





This is when you take a link from another site and put it on your website or take your link from your site or video to put it on a different site, to keep it really simple..

There’s a lot more to understand in backlinking as far as some website are rank higher by Google in a System name Page Rank (PR) so the higher the page rank the better that website linking back to your site is.. other site will help you the main site that some people overlook are the regular Facebook, G+ and social media sites… do them.




Applied knowledge is power, go out there and Take Action 









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