How To Make Your First $1,000 Passive Income Online

Planning to make money at home by starting an online business?

That’s a bold move you’re making. Guts alone will only take you so far. Many other things make a new business work. They’re so plenty, they can easily overwhelm first-time entrepreneurs. It doesn’t help that 30% of startups fail in their first two years. While the statistics sounds discouraging, it can also motivate aspiring small business owners to be careful and strategic in their every decision and action.With the incredible growth of the internet and social media, everyone can take advantage of the wonderful chance to run a business worldwide with only a computer and internet connection.

You don’t have to have an amazing idea to start a unique online business.There are tons of new online business ideas surrounding you every day. In fact, you might be surprised when you see how many people will pay for the oddball skills and interests you already have.

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There are some strategy on how you can create $1,000 plus passive income every month.


Social media is one of the best ways to target your niche market. Your customers use social media to keep up with subjects they are interested in, so it’s a great place to find a targeted audience.

Traffic (facebook hub)

Facebook is still important, and it’s importance grows as the days go by. If you don’t optimize Facebook for your business, then now is the time to start. If you already have a Facebook Page or want to get one, that Facebook Page needs more traffic.

Website (membership site)

Kajabi is a all in one business platform that can help you to build a website. Inside of this website they have this thing called a page builder. Once you click a page builder it allows you to build a page. For more information about this you can click the link below.

Gateway (Stripe or Paypal)

Create content (videos,info,blogs,articles etc.)

These are the strategies that we need to create a site.

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