How To Make More Sales For Jvzoo Products

Hey Keder here from the,

I want to bring to you some powerful concepts in today’s blog post, that’s going to help you make more sales,
Specially for those of you who have you own products
That you are promoting…

And if you don’t have your own products no worries,
At the end of this blog, I will give you some steps you can follow to get your own product


In This Video Below I explain How One Simple Tweak to my Product
Helped me generate $1,000 more in revenue Yesterday…


What this video… How to make more sales for jvzoo products

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How can You Create Your First Product

I was going to put this part at the end of blog,
But i figured most of your that’s reading might want to know now…

am i right or not?

I’m gonna walk you through the process right now… 



A lot of people thinking creating a product is something crazy hard to do,

or maybe feel that they don’t have enough knowledge to create a product,

i can tell by you reading this blog, you are someone that has enough knowledge about a subject or something you can create a product towards..


All products doesn’t have to be about how to make money online…

If you know how to play golf, or cook a special recipe, or maybe you really good at swimming, ect

that means you can collect the rest of what you need to create a product…


Now if your foundation is going to be in internet marketing,

what i suggesting is for you to find a skillset that you can master,

maybe that’s blogging, maybe it’s making videos, maybe it’s paid traffic.


You need to find something that your target market would be interested in,

After you test and tweak and get some results in,

go for a Product Creation…


Product Creation

In this spot you want to be able to create video modules,

and have a place to host them, where your customers can have access to them after they buy the course…

One that I’m using and I highly recommend is Click FUNNELS <~~~ Get a FREE ACCOUNT


Once you create all the modules,

Host them inside of the members area…

Your Next Step is to put an awesome wrapper on it…


For that you need to design a nice looking logo, or hire someone from Fiverr or Odesk

to do it for you, and some banners to give it that special look on the outside…


Now let’s Get to the money Part… 


Make More Sales For Your Products

If you follow this you will increase your revenue to the thousands really,

that’s what happened to me when i structure my funnel and my product funnel…

Here’s what my Funnel anatomy looks like, it might seems like Chinese to some, but this stuff works if you can apply it to your business…

Funnel Layout with Jeremy UK




Now Let’s talk a little bit about JVZOO Results after Implementing this…

I don’t know if your product is hosted on JVZOO,

But it’s a site just like Clickbank that allow you to host your products and get paid instantly

when a customer buys from you…


I have multiple products on that platform

So following the diaphragm above, i made some changes and add High tickets product

Which help me make 1 sale for $1,000 yesterday… 

1k sale funnel


So really understand that, adding a High Ticket in Your funnel will make a big Difference

for you to make more sales for jvzoo products easily with the same effort…


After applying this one platform i ask myself how can i do it

with other platforms other than jvzoo,

and Clicksfunnel is the answer, because you can create any types of funnels with them.



I hope you Enjoy this Blog Post,
If you need help creating Your First Product, Set up Some coaching Session with
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  1. I know form personal findings that I didn’t think I knew enough to ask someone to pay more for my knowledge. After reviewing everything I know and reviewing some of your videos, i’m more enspired to go out and build something. Thanks for showing us how you made $1,000 yesterday, keep it up!

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