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This is a strategy that’s going to work not only in 2017 but also in many years to come. If you are not making money online by now, you should definitely know there are a group of people who makes all their living using the internet, while making more than college graduates or people with a decent job. I believe the internet is the new Gold mine of this era.

So if you find this post here you are in luck, because i’m sharing with you an exact strategy I’m going to use in 2017 to create another 7 figures business on the side; and guess what it is?
YEP … Amazon…

When was the last time you ordered something using amazon?
Now imagine yourself being on the other end of the transactions. Instead of always sending money away to amazon, you are now receiving money from them every month

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How to make Money Online in 2017 Amazon

There’s a couple of ways that I start testing in 2016 going forward to 2017 for amazon…

Amazon Associate
If you are familiar with affiliate marketing, amazon associate is a good place to start because you don’t have to worry about shipping, fulfilling orders or customer service. All you will be doing is referring people to different products you either purchase from amazon or you know can be found in stack from them and you will be receiving a commission from them.

Being an associate the commission range between 4-20%, it will increase as you become a better associate. If you have a huge following this can be easy cash for you.

How you can make money as an associate?
You will be given your own back office where you can track your affiliate links for any products. You are responsible to drive the traffic.

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Amazon Sellers
If you are familiar with selling on platform like Shopify, then this wouldn’t be anything strange to you. This is the concept of dropshipping… In this case you will be able to leverage amazon built in traffic but you have to find your own place to source the product after the consumer purchase it.

The one con with this is that you have deal with the amazon fees on each sales that you can make which can be a bit steep compare to other platforms but it makes sense since you are leveraging their traffic which is one of the most powerful ones.

Also sometimes the prices of items will go up, you must always keep a look out for pricing.

The best thing you can do once your business start to pick up with this strategy, is to outsource it to a couple of Virtual assistant who can manage and take care of the store while you collect the profits.


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I hope this quick post helps you…

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