How To Make Money Daily With Google Maps – Easy $500 a Day

Recently Google updated google maps new features for Google maps.

Over the years, Google has been helping us to reach our business venues, family gatherings and explore amazing places around us, be it monuments, lakes, beaches, movie theaters, restaurants and etc. through its Google Maps feature.

But how can we  make money daily with google maps, easy $500 a day?

Today I’m gonna show you a powerful way to make 500 hours a day with Google Maps, really powerful you never seen this before.

Watch The Video Below For More Info:


We’re gonna call the strategy the Google map business cash flow, what you’re gonna be doing is find businesses in your local area that you can actually provide a funnel.

Let’s go in Google Maps, for example, the best thing would be to target is the small local gym but then I took it to a step further to target personal trainer. Personal trainer it gives you direct access to the person itself, the more likely to pick up the phone than a gym, a personal trainer they have the phone number it’s easier to contact them- it’s easier to get a meeting a meeting with them it’s easier to sell them for something that they actually need.

  1. Find a personal trainer for example, on the Google Maps search engine
  2. Check out their website

In my case i found the MJM Fitness and as I check out their website, the  website is not a funnel, so he’s probably not making money. What you want to offer to that person is a funnel, cause it was difficult for me to find what he’s selling on the website, so what you want to do is to offer them a click funnel and build them a funnel.

If you’re gonna do this strategy guys you can get a free click for no account, I’ll put the link in the description of the Youtube video above.

Clickfunnel they have what’s called the Marketplace, where you can come here and you can search for different funnels, we’re gonna look for template. So we’re gonna search for personal trainer you’ll gonna find a bunch of template you can either build it yourself or you can decide.

What we’re gonna do first thing in the funnel they’re gonna need:

  • Optin page
  • Select a template

When you’re done selecting a template you can now fill and edit the template that you choose and fill it with informations that comes from the Personal trainor’s website.

For more specific information, be sure to watch the video above, so you’ll get more shining on the Idea.

Hope this quick post helps you…

If this is something you gonna be giving a try let me know, so I can Identify who my action taker are…

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