Today guys I’m gonna teach you how to do Instagram stories ads, so you might have seen those ads popping on Instagram and people sending into different places, or they  send them in to the website to YouTube wherever you want expenses in the marketing department, well in this video I’m gonna show you exactly how to do that, the reason I’m making this video is because I’m going to the process of doing the same thing, we’re building different brands different things online and a lot of my students ask me how to do it so I want to teach you exactly If you have been interested in leasing any kind of van, then the Ford Transit range is probably one of the vehicles that you have seen the most, here are some reasons to use a paystub maker. Not only are they popular, but they have some technical benefits that make them a good solution to most problems, at least in conventional businesses, you can get more info about this in



What I’m gonna teach you is how to make a story ad for Instagram, now the reason why lately I’ve been crushing Instagram because we’ve grown different brands we’re trying to use Instagram ,so if you’re trying to build a brand on Instagram definitely  check out this video, story ads are really really powerful, I use them, I don’t know if you ever go through your story to your Instagram and you see the ad that pops up.


This would be the story right now that ad would be something that plays inside of the story like if I keep if I keep going to some pages, you see this is an ad that’s a sponsor and you can see where says swipe up and I go directly to a page, okay inside of Instagram you can direct me to anywhere so let’s say you wanna grow your Instagram page you can send people directly back to the page or you can do different things. How do you create the Instagram ad?

A couple of different things that you’re gonna need, when you’re gonna create the ad there’s a couple of different software, so you’re gonna create a picture ad, what I’m gonna do right now we’re gonna download some pictures that we’re gonna be able to create a picture ad. If you don’t know how to download pictures there are different apps you could do to use to do that.

Let’s say I want you to put this picture in my ad let’s see what other picture that I want to put in the ad I would just click on the pictures itself and then I’ll just click on the copy link and then I’m gonna go ahead and copy the link to the picture once I copy the link there’s an app that I use called Shortcuts if I come here and paste it over it’s gonna upload it in my phone.

Once you download the pictures you have them on our phone, a couple of apps that you’re gonna need this app called  Inshot. You can edit your own Ad in that app, whatever you want, you can add music edit the pictures and add some stuff. Once the ad is finished you’re gonna go to your Facebook let me just show you an example of one ad that I have that’s running and you can see it so you can have an idea of what it looks like, this is the Ad. So you can you see what it looks like okay you can see it’s playing it over here I’m previewing it this is what it looks like on Instagram….

I tell them to swipe oh and there’s the learn more button so they swipe up so they can follow our brain do you love DIY event-planning do you love wedding parties you know follow our brand which is the elegant creation which is our wedding brand, and swipe up to followers so they can click on the learn mode button, it’s gonna take them to the page so they can follow our page we can even send them wherever we want if it was to sell something on our Shopify site if you wanted to get more youtube subscriber we can just get youtube subscribers.

Then you’re gonna go ahead and open up an account, so hopefully you have a Facebook account with Ads, and you’re gonna need a business manager, you don’t need a business account in your Facebook and then you’re gonna go and create new ads so you could create a campaign what you’re gonna do guys you’re gonna set up the campaign and then we’re gonna give it a name so I’m just doing a test Ad, so we’re gonna do Test Instagram story ad.

So after you do that, you’re gonna go scroll down and then you’re gonna go into your audience, what your target is who you’re gonna target like me I have a fan page that has over a hundred thousand people that’s actively on it so I can target, I could just do look -alike audience, if you have custom audience already made but if not, you just come here you set up the age you set up the who you’re targeting men or women it all depends on what your niche is

Scroll down you go into edit, this is very very important very crucial because you want to target Instagram, so you’re gonna take off Facebook and then for Instagram you only doing stories,  you’re gonna take off the audience, you’re gonna take off messenger so you only go in the Instagram story.

Once you do that you’re gonna go set up your budget how much do you wanna pay. I do mine out five bucks a day, if you want to start out even out a dollar a day just so you can test it to see what type of results you’re getting you can do that so you’re gonna do five bucks a day or a dollar a day if you want a scale it’s really up to you, I highly recommend people to just, start out small whenever you doing ads and then see if you’re getting results and then scale from there.

Remember we were doing look-alike audience so those people were targeting some of them are look-alike audience and some of them are retargeting for my page so they’re kind of familiar with our brand, it’s just kind of a bit easier to get faster but you know you can scale it up and all so when you come here you’re just gonna go to video and then you’re gonna upload the video from your phone so what you want to do is to send the video from your phone or to your computer, you could do the ad on your phone itself but I like using a computer because you have so many much more options that you can use and once you do that you’re gonna start getting more people to your Instagram and you’re gonna start growing Instagram.

For more specific information, be sure to watch the video above, so you’ll get more shining on the Idea.

Hope this quick post helps you…If this is something you gonna be giving a try let me know, so I can Identify who my action taker are…

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