How to Grow Your Own Money Tree in Online Marketing

Grow Your Money Tree 

Keder here from 

Today let’s look at Some misconception about money

Money is Evil”

Money can buy you a house not a home”

Money can buy you medicine but not health

Money can buy you a marriage but not Love”


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How to grow your own money tree…

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Now let’s reverse read what we read up there by switching the last word to the precedent dominator

Money cannot buy you a home but heck yeah it can buy you a nice ass house

Money can’t buy you Health but sure can pay for those crazy medicine bills

Money can’t buy you love but sure can help you throw an awesome amazing weeding for the person you love…

So really at the end of the day

It is not the money that’s evil

It’s our Intentions and our mindset…


Money is just a tool,

you can use it to do good or do bad,

now that depends on the user….

Growing up, you might hear this term

“Money does not grow on tree” 

am i the only one who heard it… off course not, you did too…


Today i want to show you differently than what most believe

“Money do grow on tree you just have to plant the seed” 


What happen to most people…

They want to grow a money Tree, but not willing to plant the seeds…


Just like any other tree,

if you gonna grow the tree of money

You going to need the seed of money….

Money Tree PNG


so the question is what is the seed of money?

Off-course if you watch the video above you would already know the answer

but just in case you missed it…

Seed of money = Service…


In order for you to grow a money Tree

You need to get the seed planted,

in other words, provide something of value to others, and keep providing more…

that way your money tree will be growing…


Now How can you Apply that in your business ?

Creating a Product or Provide a Product that’s already created to others in need for it

Create a service that others can use or a Training knowledge base for their growth.



Always Do More and Give More than Expected

Develop the mindset and the attitude that “Whatever you come in touch with

will be better than you found it when you leave it

because of the value you bring to it.


Let me share a Story with you…

There was a guy who was a house builder,

He has worked for a company for 20 years but he always felt underpaid

For the quality of work that he does, the fellow should definitely get paid more…


Eventhough he was not compensated fair, he always did the best JOB,

So after working 20 years for the company they called him in the office for a last JOB,

After speaking with the contractors and going over the plan, it was time for salary negotiation;


Again he felt underpaid and taking advantage of,

for that reason, on his last project he decided to do the worst job that can possible has done,

He hire the worst engineer, use the cheapest windows for the house, use the worst paint, laid the weakest foundation for the house…


So after working on the project, it was all done in bit of time…

When he went to the office to pick up his check

They actually gave him the key to the house and told him that was the company’s way of saying thank you for all he has done for them and they wanted to give him a fresh new home for retirement…


Now you can just imagine how he felt at that moment

Knowing that he did the worst he could possible have done…


So the moral of the story: Always give your best to whatever that you are doing…



Always Put Service First…  

People with a money first attitude become so money conscious

that they forget money can’t be harvested unless they planted the seeds that grow the money…

And the seed of money is Service.


Again, put service first, and the money takes care of itself.

Always give people more than they expect to get from you



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