How To Grow Your Fans Fast And Make Hundreds of Sales DAILY

Fans Love to Buy 

When i found out about this pattern that manifest among 95% of buyers and cross it with Facebook marketing ad strategies it was GAME OVER… 🙂

Today I want to show you how to use Facebook to find the right prospects for your business by using a process that i test for many of my offline clients

and the results they have been getting is simply AMAZING…


I will Explain this in this Video Below, so Make Sure you watch it,

But if you want to catch the Full Value

Be sure to read this blog post all the way through the GOLD MINE…


The Game Plan

If you are building by your business using Facebook:

-sending private messages with your opportunity link

-adding friends you don’t know

-liking, commenting, sharing other people’s posts to much

-joining bunch of facebook group

-posting on those groups your ads and opportunity

-posting a lot of status updates with links, images, videos

-posting your links on popular facebook Fan pages that aren’t yours


Why? ~~~> Because You are trying to steal their Traffic 


But I got Good News…

Facebook has a specific group of people that they like

The ones that are willing to pay them for their traffic.


If you’re willing to pay Facebook For the traffic

They are even willing to sometimes using a specific strategy

Allowing to target the people who will be interested in your product for FREE.


The Only Catch is,

You have to get on the Good side of Facebook..

And the best way to do that, is to make Facebook Money

by paying for your advertising.. Sounds simple right?


Secret Loop Formula to get on FB’s Right Side

Most people when building a fan page

They start out with their target audience

Which once you get very specific,

Facebook can decide to charge you up to $2 per visitors who likes your page

And become fans of yours…


Now the key to growing a Facebook Fan page very FAST

is to target an audience that Facebook doesn’t see as competitive

With your target audience,


Like for example, if i’m targeting people in the US who loves DOG

I can also set up my ads for the first couple of days

For people in the Guyana, Belize, Virgin Island and more English Speaking countries who love DOGS.


Now, that audience will love your ads

which causes Facebook to love your ads

and give you 0.00 – 0.01 cent likes, n engagements  


How do you Sell To A Non-Targeted Audience?    

You might ask yourself this question…

Well, how the heck i’m going to make money with an untargeted audience?

Inside of the marketing training buffet i teach you Exactly how to Stop that Audience

And transition into your target audience to grow your fans fast, still cheap.


The reason you want that audience, they will be active and setting the paste

When your targeted audience come through

they will just follow and love your post, which gives your more exposure,

0.00cent likes and engagement to your post…


As i promised you…

In the Video below i give you one of my module in the Marketing Training Buffet For FREE 

which teaches you that step to grow your fans fast and make hundreds of Sales…




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