How To Get Paid $500 – From Your LOCAL CHURCHES

A church is a corporation, they have what’s called an LLC. When they have an LLC it means that they have an identity with the government as far as taxes and everything. Basically a church is run in the same factor as a business.

In this blog post I’m going to sow you how you can get paid $500+ by providing website to your local churches to help them on their mission. The crazy thing is those website are already built for you and all you have to do is plug in their info and they will be good to go.


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How Are You Going To Sold The Church?

Now how are you going to sold the church from getting  a website from you? We live in a new era where everyone is online, when we need to find a place to go to we pull our phone and look for the thing that we are seeking for. Getting a website for them will increase exposure and allow more people to know that they are in the area and it will make it easier for those that are new to town or just traveling to be able to find them. Another thing which will be on the website is the option for people to be able to donate if they don’t have the chance to go the physical place itself.

What you gonna be doing for them is a legit service that they need and that is going to benefit them so this isn’t like stealing money from your local church, but it is providing a valuable service that’s going to help them in the long run.

STEP 1: Get Builderall

Once you get Builderall you will get access to many plug in template which are already build for many local business. On the video above you’ll see that I walk you throughout the different design and how you can actually plug in and design the website based on the churches desire.

STEP 2: How To Find Local Churches

Before you even start the process of getting builderall and plugin template and etc… You need to actually find churches that are In need of your services. Now the easiest ting to do is to go on google search an type ”churches near me”. Now you gonna see all the church that are in your area, and you wanna look for the one that don’t have a website yet so you can take their umber to call them (you can choose the one’s that have a website also, and offer to make their website easier and find, and to navigate).

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