How To Get Over 1000 Sales In Your Online Marketing Business

How To Get Massive Sales For Your ONLINE Marketing Business 

This is the most hardest part in building an online business, Getting sales, if you have been in an online business for over 30 days you will know that this is a true statement, but only in the beginning if you don’t have the right resources and mentor to help you get the results that you are looking for in your current online marketing business.
So How can we solve this problem today.

I learned early on in my online business that there are 2 types of traffic that I can get, FREE and PAID Traffic, I will be discussing both of them in this blog
And why you should learn to get BOTH…

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Let’s Talk about FREE TRAFFIC 

Believe it or not, Free traffic is the hardest type of traffic to get, because you have less control over it than paid traffic, but you can get Massive free TRAFFIC if you do it Strategically.
But How do you do it strategically? 

This is not something you can pull of spamming Facebook groups, or posting classifieds without really using tools to do that, but there’s a different strategy to do it free, which i’m about to break it down for you, but if you want to see it live, be sure to watch the video above and follow that process, be sure to take a lot of notes… 



The PROCESS To MASSIVE Free Traffic 

1. Get A Skillset:
Find a skill set that you enjoy that you can get really good at and get results that most people aren’t getting. Wether that’s video marketing, Classified ads, blogging, ranking, 
practice that skillset until mastery, that you can now do it with your eyes close and still get amazing results…


2. Testers: 
After you practice that skill set you need to get a group together of people who can test your formula for themselves and see if your results are duplicable. Let them test it until they get results so you can get testimonials from them on how powerful your tactic is. Those people can be people from your team of people in your current business or other marketers. That’s your Tester Group…  

3. Build Anticipation:
During this part of the strategy you have to build anticipation, keeping people updated about the upcoming powerful strategy that  you will be sharing with them. Get others who have use the strategies you have taught them to share proof shot results with the rest of the TEAM.

This is the step where you get your product on a platform like JVZOO or Clickbanks and you get affiliates to earn a commission when they share your product with somebody else. NOW when people can make money for something they are using already, you can sit back and watch them share the vision and your products with others.


Online business

When I first looked at this picture up there might it looked scary to me because you I knew  dealing with some of those big companies I was going to have to spend a lot of money in traffic in order for me to see any returns on my investment, and Yes I was write,

But a friend introduced me two years ago to a cheaper source to get leads and they were all people from the work from home arena, called SOLO ADS.
I was really excited, after spending $200 on a campaign I had got my first sign up in that company
Whom we end up making 6 figures product together…

Solo ads are cool, but it was always a win or lose, depend on the vendor that I find. So i could never guarantee a return on investment, so when i told my team about it some people would buy traffic and make money some don’t..

But I was introduce to this system call Infinite Leverage System which is the same company that i ordered my first solo ads from who put together this system.
The crazy part about this is that you can buy traffic as much as you want, but you get to make a commission every time any of your team buy traffic which they have to buy for fast growth of their business anyway.

So it’s a win win situation for you.

When YOU Get the ILS System Today you get Commission of $20, $100, $300, $400, $1000, $2000 Every time someone on your team buys a package at that level which is so powerful since you don’t get the commissions just once, but every time they buy traffic…

Choose Paid Traffic if You Want To Build Your Business FAST

If you truly want your business to evolve to the next level a lot faster, i say invest some money in paid traffic and come with a weekly or monthly budget for your Business.
And the best part now you don’t have to worry about where to find quality traffic for your online marketing business, you have a done for you traffic source here on this page.


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  1. Getting Massive Sales For Your ONLINE Marketing Business is the key.. and I love that you break things down into bite sized pieces. That’s the ticket to duplication right there!!!

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