How To Create A Product That Makes You Money Online


This is part 2 of the 7 ways I make money online series…
Creating a product has never been so easy, now that we have access to many amazing online tools we can use to get it done in the comfort of our home.

When creating a product, the first thing you need to keep in mind is : Who’s gonna be the people buying this product. The worst place to be is after you put your time, effort, money and no one purchase the product.

Keep in mind, if you create a product on “The 3 Steps to teach your Elephant how to swim”  your audience will more likely be slim to none.

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Product Creation What You Must know:

  • Experience Required: Yes
  • Degree of Difficulty: Intermediate/advance
  • Cost of Operation: $200-20K
  • Avg. Timeframe for Success: 1-6 months
  • Potential: $1,000,000+ A Year 
  • Passive Income: Yes



Why Do you Need Your Own Product?

If you have already tried affiliate marketing i teach you how in this blog, you will know by now, being an affiliate gives you less impacted on the customers and the product because you are not in control of what happens in the inside or outside.

Creating your own product gives you full access and control
over the process and the amount of income you can create from sales.

Part of marketing is market research or niche identification.
If you do the hard work now and find the crowd ready & willing to buy,
then it will actually be much easier to market the product.


“Spend 10% of time on product creation and 90% of time on marketing the product” – by Dan Kennedy .


You could start first by understanding the psychology of why individuals make purchases.

Right here are 3 points you can offer in order of efficiency.

PAIN (or relief of pain).
PROBLEM (solving a problem).
PLEASURE (distribution of pleasure).



What You Need To Create Your Own Product

Audience: most people start with idea, but i’m a firm believer in creating product that can help people solve a problem, release some type of pain or provide some pleasure, but you need to find these people in order for the product to be successful.


Identify Your Niche: There are millions of niches, but i prefer to go for the giant ones. There are 3 Giant niches
        Health, Wealth, And Relationship
It’s almost impossible to lose once you can tap into them.


Create A Solid Idea: Every product existed started in the mind. take some times to think
about your product, the structure, the plan, the execution process.



Tools You Can Use To Create Your Product 

With the help of the newer technology things are now easier than ever to create your own product…

Here’s what I use….

Clickfunnels: This service is a page builder that allows you to create beautiful high
converting capture pages, landing pages, sales page, product page
also course hosting and webinars for your potential clients
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Aweber: This service is an autoresponder system that will allow you build your list
so that you can communicate with your prospects and clients long term.
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Pixel Studio Fx: This is a software i use to create designs for your product
with many different templates that’s already done for you and you can
start using right away for beautiful presentation. This is A free network that focus on relationship between vendors and affiliates.
They usually host all the implications related to the products, such a payments,
hosting ect…that way you don’t have to worry about it. Similar to Jvzoo, clickbank is a site you can become an affiliate for free
and get access to thousands of products you can promote
that will pay you a commission on every sales you make.

Frequently Asked Questions

– What Type of Product Can I Create?
There’s many different formats you can use to create a product online, 
such as videos, audio, ebook, software, podcast ect
You pick one that will give you instant delivery to your customer. 

-Do I Need A List To Create A Product?
No, you don’t need a list, although i strongly recommend you build one
in the process of a launch, because it helps a great deal
for your next launch.

Will I need to Spend Money On A Team To Make my product?
If you have the money and you want to save yourself time you can
But it’s not a requirement, if you use the tools that i mention above. 

– How Much Money will I spend on Design for my product?
Feel free to hire an experience designer from 
it might cost anywhere between $200-$2000 or you can do it yourself
with the pixel studio fx tool i mention above. 

– Will I Need an Upsell Product?
If it’s your first time creating a product and you want to get it out
to the mass fast, you can go without an upsell, but the idea for an upsell
is always best, as it’s easiest sale you will have to make. 




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