How To Build A Solid Team In Your ONLINE Marketing Business

Building A Solid Team Online

Whatever vision you have been blessed with, if it’s a BIG One You will need a BIG Team of people to carry it out. The same thing in your Online business or Network marketing company, if you going to make the BIG MONEY you going to need to learn how to build a big team…


You will need some key factors in Place to Build a BIG Team.
With a BIG Team comes with Big Rewards,
The Bigger your team gets the more  your income increase that’s for sure, but the more responsibilities you have also.

Let’s GO Over Some Key Factors You Need In Building a Solid Team In Your Online Marketing Business. 


Key Factors To Build A Solid Team

-PERSISTENCE and VISION : The Team can either starts with you or Plugin with a VISION, but if you gonna start your own team you need a VISION to build upon, when you bring people in the VISION you need to be clear of what you want.


-COMMON POINT of INTEREST: which can be a Product, a System, a TEAM Site, or a GROUP something that centralizes the gain of the whole team.


-START the MOVEMENT: Start producing, get as many people as you can to your common point of interest, just pill them up and motivate them to go do the same as you show them the vision or the POWER in what you have to offer.


-UPLIFT and EDIFY:  Once your team is in Full motion, it’s time to start building some leaders and diversitize, If you know anything about A BIGGER VISION it will require the help of many for it to come to fruition. Now as a leader look through your organization for people that catches the VISION and delegate different task to them such as posting in the group, organizing, making calls, webinars, casting the vision through a member, don’t worry about duplication because we are all born different and can never duplicate ourselves.

A Smart mentor told me once.. you can only LEVERAGE Yourself but never DUPLICATE Yourself.
so take this…


Look for ways to leverage each others gifts in the team to build a solid team in your online marketing business instead  of trying to create an army of drones lol 🙂

Everybody is different, they have different set of DNA’s and different genes… 



Create A massive MOVEMENT With the VISIONARIES 

I really like making these videos when I’m running in the morning
Matter of fact
My whole team is thinking it’s a GOOD IDEA To be double productive
Shoot a Video while you running..

Today I wanted to talk about
Why Most People end up QUITTING Their GOAL
and dream of building a business…

Some people will not be qualify to be in YOU VISION, YOUR BUSINESS 

I use to think i need everyone to make a lot of MONEY ONLINE
or even reach my goal of FREEDOM


I was so far off the true,
The main key is to keep attracting
massive amount of people in your vision, and the ones that are suppose to build with you
will stay…

If you anything like me,
YOU Get really piss when people leave your team.


I use to be the same way until I start applying

Beating myself out  every time, making more connection
than I’m losing…
But truly, you don’t need everyone to make it
you just need to get the ones that are qualified…


So apply the principles above and watch you build a solid team in your online marketing business… No matter what you are promoting.



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