How to Build A List Online Fast, For Free and Make Money

Building a List Online Fast

If you have been online for more than 3 months you will be hearing that saying a lot

“the money is in the List”

This is very true…

But what the Heck does that mean for you if you don’t have a LIST?


Let me show you A simple but Effective way to build your LIST FREE in this Video… 


Why You Need To Build A List?

Remember are plenty of ways to make money that work great in the short term
but simply are not sustainable in the long term.

The Challenge is to be profitable in a way that’s both achievable

in short term and long term..


That is where Building a List comes in…


The point of Making a Sale is not For the Sale But For a Customer

When you get someone on your list you can market to them over an over again

the opposite of this would be just to make a sale without building a list…


If you don’t have a customer base you will always have to fish for new customer

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Having A List Will Help You Sleep Better

knowing that you own the customers that you acquire

You don’t have to worry about starting from Fresh

every time you have something New that you want to PROMOTE.






Own The Traffic

After Building Your List you get in the position where you own the traffic,

Now you can even charge people to mail out their offer to your list

in the form of solo ads.



So What Is The Fastest Way To Build As List for FREE?

As I mention in the video above,

The fastest and best way i think you can build a list

is to come up with contents to create your own product.


Be Sure to follow the 100% RULE… 

If you are starting from Scratch your focus is not the money but THE LIST 

So giving Your Affiliate 100% commission Will push them to go HARD for YOU..


When they Go Hard, they make all the money

but you build a Huge List…

Which in turn you can monetize that list long term…


My Simple 3 Steps For List Building And Product Creation


1. Create The Product: (Video Content, Hosted in a Back Office)

For this I use a very powerful System call Click Funnels

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2. Create 3 Pages… Matter of fact Click Funnels would already have

all of them lign up for you all you have to do is plugin the contents…


One Page will have The Affiliate Tools such a email copy swipes, banners ect,

Next Page would be your product sales page, then the download page and your members area.



The Engine for Your List (Your Autoresponder)

Use your autoresponder in alignment with your product to capture leads

And build your list for long term income generation…

You can use services such a Aweber or Get Response.


Now it’s Your Time to go Crush it, and build your List…



If hope this was helpful…

If you still find it hard to build a product and List check out my Coaching

Apply Here and Check out the Package for Product Creation 




Either way…

Leave me your thoughts below…


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