How To Build a List And Make Money Online


Are you trying to build a Business Online?
The number one key factor you going to need to know is List Building.

A Few Reasons why you want to build a list…

-Building list will save you from the hassle of always having to find new customers in order for you to make sales
-Having a list is like having a huge stadium fill with people who might be interested in your service…
-Product Launch: when you have a list you can create multiple products for them an launch them
-Branding: Having a list will help you brand yourself with people that you can include in your brand vision..


Video Interview with Jimmy Kim The Founder of Build My List Course 

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What You need to build a List? 

I’m gonna break it down for you here, to what you need exactly to build a list…
Once you have these things in place you can become really profitable online…

First You need A DECISION: Which I’m sure you already made if you are reading this blog… 

2nd You need to Find a Niche that you want to build your list in… 


Many people make the 2nd part very complicated but it really isn’t,

Find something that you like or have some types of interest or passion in because you will be informing others in that area…


Niche examples:

Fitness (men’s health, womens health, kids food ect)

Sports (basketball, baseball, football, soccer ect)

Make Money Online (list building, List building, self-development, ect)



The Construction:

Give away: This model works for some of the most successful companies,
Some of the best things online are free: Google, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram Ect

You want to implement the same concept in your business,

The reason you want to give away Free Content is to build massive loyal following which in times turns to customer.


For example: I just bought the upgrade app of Shazam for my wife which is an app that allow you to search a music info
Base on you listening to the song…
All you have to do is hold a button, listen to the song, and the app will tell you who’s music it is and even allow you to buy the music online…

Even though it’s FREE after a certain trial they ask you to buy it…

Which you would gladly buy because of it’s purpose.



Here’s an Example of a free Give away

Free the money list give away



In this example the main key is to give away something for FREE to your Potential Subscribers…
Something of value that they might need.

Just in case they don’t buy it’s still cool because you have their email and info
You can always show them more of what you got and why doing business with you is in their best interest.








This is a One page set up, if you are not a techy person don’t worry
Me neither i’m not but i can find you the tool to do this in less than 5 minutes…

This is a Giveway page, some people call it a Lead Magnet…

I use a System call Click Funnels which you can check out HERE to create all my pages




This is the so called the Big Giant for most people lol,

I laugh at it now, but trust me a couple of years ago I was tearing asking myself
Why the heck everyone else seems to be getting so much traffic
And I’m not getting any…

There’s 2 Types of Traffic:
FREE and PAID (so they say) 
But According to me there’s only one type of Traffic (PAID)

You either pay with money or your TIME…

Cool part i can show you how to do both (pay with your money n time)



200K jvzoo


So Now You might be thinking over 124,000 Visitors must be PAID 

About 95% of this is FREE Traffic
But after going through the Build My List Product by Jimmy Kim
I found out a new way to get people to promote your product

I’m not talking about any type of people

I’m talking about people who already have a LIST

How Can You Get This FREE Traffic?

In order for you to get this traffic, you have to become a product creator
Trust me it’s easier than you think…

Do you know something really good,
Do you have something you passionate about

Or do you have something you just wouldn’t mind inquire about
Like How to Make MONEY ONLINE?

Then I can HELP you
Be sure to check out My COACHING on Product CREATION 

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But either way, I hope you found some great value in this blog
And pick up Jimmy Kim New Build My List product to put some stuff in perspective..




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