How To Attract Thousands of Dollars In Your Online Business

Power of Attraction

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Whatever  You want to attract in your life you have to develop the mindset for it first…  Knowing that everything is possible I will share with you a formula that allow me to attracts success in my online business, and making thousands of dollars everyday using that same specific process  inside of my business.

It’s  called the power of attraction… 
Many people know of attraction marketing,  but they don’t really have a steps of how to become attractive…
Before you can become wealthy your mind has to become wealthy first.


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The 5 Steps Formula To Unleash The POWER of ATTRACTION 

 1. Branding: 
Who are you?
If you’re in a relationship marketing you want to start telling people your story…  Many times people are afraid to tell their story because they are looking at what seems to them as their weaknesses,  not realizing these things are their  greatest strength once they accept them because most people faces the similar situations  and have similar reactions. 

What’s your story?
Branding yourself  by telling your story Will help you attract people that have similarities with you in their life.


   2. Become a giver
“It is always better to be the giver than a receiver” 
This quote is so true,  Because when the time comes for you to become the receiver or you will receive so much more Because you and not just any chapel receiver;  you are the receiver who also has been a giver.  It is a human tendency that we learned since we was young,  we like to give back to people that did good for us,  whether that’s a child growing up and want to take care of their parents,  whether that’s a team giving their last effort to win a championship for the coach,  it is in grave and I DNA  good for someone when they have been good for us.


 3. Do  the stuff that others are not willing to do
        As you’re becoming a leader it gives you the power to attract more people in your life and more abundance, It is also gives responsibility that other people are not willing to take on,  “With great power comes great responsibility”
Be willing to go through the training, Learn new skillsets, teach new skill set, take the phone calls, build the blogs, make the videos, do the training,
Don’t be afraid to fail, that will set you aside from the masses.


4. Think Outside the Box
By thinking that way, you will attract thousands of dollars in your online business… While most people love to stay accustom to what they know, be willing to learn to adapt to the change or be the change because changes are inevitable. 


    5. Become That you wish to Attract
The first time i experience this i was really kinda mad at first, because a leader said to me, “Stop Whining and become all these things that you are thinking that’s lacking in your leadership”
True leader don’t whine they find ways to make things better, if you don’t like your situation you must be willing the change it by taking daily steps towards the change you want to see in your life….






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  1. Loving this post. I do believe in the law of attraction. I want to start using it more. Thanks Keder and congrats on your twins!!

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