How To Allow People To Follow You On Facebook Profile 2019

Today I wanna share with you a quick video, cause sometime I make those videos when I find a problem that’s bugging me and I find a solution and I figured, a lot of people might be facing the same thing so let me go ahead and share with you.

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Now Facebook has changed things, whenever you open up a new profile it’s kind of difficult for you to allow people to follow you, like people don’t know where the setting is.

I was doing my wife profile now she already passed the five thousand friends cuz I’ve been working with her to grow her business so she passed the five thousand friends. But she got no follow, so she didn’t know, we’ve been looking how can we allow people to follow you, because you only able to get five thousand friends and once you get that on your profile Facebook wants you to get a facebook friend page so that you can start paying money to grow it.

But one of the things you could do is allow people to follow you even without them becoming your friends, they’d still be able to see your posts, if you want to do that this is exactly how to do it:

You can do it on your phone and computer, what you want to do is to go to the settings, look on the drop down menu you’re gonna look for the settings, so we’re gonna click on settings.

Back in the days it was different now they changed the way it looks, on your phone, it might be different but the setting you’re gonna be looking for is the public post and you wanna be looking at that setting that looks like this…

What’s gonna happen now it’s automatically gonna say Friends but you’re gonna change it from Friends to Public.

This is where Facebook gives you the followers, follower people that can actually see you’re posting the news feeds, friends and preview. I have a strategy when I add people into a funnel, one of the things that I tell them is to add me on Facebook as a friend, but if you already have enough friends on Facebook you already reach out the the threshold of a thousand people, you cannot add any more friends,-

– but what’s gonna happen, when they try to friend you it’s automatically gonna follow you, but if you don’t have that, people is not gonna be able to follow you and not gonna be able to friend you.

So if you’re looking to build a business, build report, build relationship, you’re gonna miss out on all of that, because you’re not able to allow them to see you especially in your business, if you want to share more value with them on your wall, get them to see what you’re offering, it’s very crucial for them to be able to follow you on social media if you want to create that personal touch with them in your business.

.For more specific information, be sure to watch the video above, so you’ll get more shining on the Idea.

Hope this quick post helps you…

If this is something you gonna be giving a try let me know, so I can Identify who my action taker are…

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