Goal Setting – My Goals For 2017



Without Goals You Will Make it somewhere but more likely not where you expected to get…
Every Year I seat down with my wife to plan our goals for the year..
I want to share with you my Goal Setting strategies for this year..


I believe last year was AMAZING

This Year is going to be Extraordinarily Crazy Spectacular…
Are you ready for it?

Here are my Goals for 2017 (Watch this video as i explain them in details) 

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P.S As you read my goals, you will see that the verbs are set in the past tense, I’m conveying to my mind that I already did these things, that way it gets easier to get there, it’s a principle you can adopt to expedite your results.

Goals For 2017


1- I sold over 2,000 copies of my Yt Profit Maximizer Course
2- I helped over 10 Students get to $20,000-100,000/month in Revenue
3- I wrote my first REAL BOOK and it’s Published by February 1st 2017
4- Hosted my first Event Successfully and 2 more after it
5- My Ecommerce business did over 1 million dollars in revenue
6- I establish Relationship with new mentors this year
7- I reached 100,000 Subscribers on my Youtube Channel, 16,666 Views a day, $200 a day in adsense profit
8- I reached over $2,000,000 in Revenue by December 2017



1- I paid all my debt by July 2017
2- I got our credit to 750
3- Took Wife on a monthly date, kids date, care better
4- We got a new car (white Range Rover fully Loaded)
5- I read One book a week


1- Let Loose- Next Level- Go Hard
2- I have easily gotten 100K Fans on my Facebook Fan Page
3- I have easily gotten 50K Followers On Instagram
4- I have easily built my new list to 100K Subscribers
5- I have easily reached 6 million views on my Youtube Videos
6- I have easily reached 2 million views on my blog
7- I have uploaded 365 videos on my channel this year
8- I have outsourced 75% of my business


Health & Fitness Goal 

1- I completed the 7 days Vegan Challenge
2- I lost 30 pounds of Fat and gain 10 pound of pure muscle, at 185 weight
3- I replaced sugared juices with water

1- We went to Fiji in June
2- We went to Bali in July


This is of course just most of our goals, but as we progress throughout the year they will be some changes that we have to make to accommodate to certain things and many new goals we will pick up in the process, we will keep you updated, but for the most part those are going to be our goals for 2017.

Here are some tips you can use To Accomplish Your Goals… 
Write them down, out of sight out of mind, if you don’t read them daily you more likely to forget them after 2 weeks in the year which is what happen to most people who sets goals, they are forgotten somewhere in the beginning or the middle of year to be picked up again on December 31st. If they will become a reality in your life, you must see them daily.

Set Smart Goals… In High school and college we learned to set SMART Goals => Specific, Measurable, Meaningful, Motivational . But as much as this is true, if you want to create extraordinary results I want you to go BEYOND Measurable because there’s no LIMIT to what you can accomplish…

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