Floyd Mayweather vs Marcos Maidana Fight Results, I made $1000 Not Betting On…

Did you watch the Fight? 

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Floyd Mayweather vs Marcos Maidana

Floyd vs Marcos


Are you a Mayweather fan or hater? 

Here’s a Breakdown of the fight if you missed it… 🙂 


As Mayweather went into the ring after the national anthem, he was greeted by among the few individuals that have more cash than he does: Warren Buffett. As the fight starts Maidana swings wildly and also misses. Mayweather jabs. Both boxers really feeling each other out. Floyd slides and also strikes the canvas. No knockdown. Mayweather staying clear of Maidana. Mayweather hooks up, and Maidana returns a right.

Mayweather -0.


Mayweather moving the ring. Maidana hooks up on a combo. Both boxers still mindful. Mayweather connects in a left hook, then ties Maidana up. Maidana links with a right, then a left. Then a jab. The fighters tie up. Mayweathr slips a Maidana flurry. Mayweather misses out on with a straight right. Then associates with a tough right. Maidana strikes the physical body. I have to give this round to Maidana.

I have it -.


Maidana gets Mayweather in the edge and also attacks to the head and the body. Mayweather connects with a right. Counter right hand by Mayweather hooks up to Maidana’s head. Mayweather doing a great task of counterpunching. Maidana strikes, then lands a jab. Mayweather counters again, as well as Maidana lands a hard one-two at the bell.

Mayweather wins the round on my card, up -.


The fighters come with each other throwing. Maidana strikes Mayweather in a corner. Maidana following Mayweather in this round. Maidana attacking hard to the physical body of Mayweather. Left stab connects. Mayweather spending a great deal of time on the ropes and obtaining smash hit usually. Both connect with a right. Mayweather with a right to the head. Mayweather stagnating near as much as in the first 3 rounds. Triple stab by Maidana ends the round, as well as he tosses one more right after the bell.

Maidana succeeds the round -.


ds Mayweather responding to well. Then throws an overhand right. One more right by Mayweather links. Mayweather staying off the ropes this round, in the center of the ring, connecting on a jab and also a straight left. Maidana feints a number of times in the last 15 secs, yet does not hook up. Round for Mayweather. 3- for the champ.


Mayweather comes out stabbing. Doing a wonderful job of staying away from Maidana punches with great maneuvering. Maidana looking aggravated by not connecting, yet he does get off a left and a precisely the ropes. The competitors exchange on the ropes. Maidana counters a Mayweather right. Maidana assaults in the edge as the bell rings.

In my book, another Mayweather round. He’s up 4-.


Mayweather linking on a fantastic 52 % of his hits with the initial fifty percent of the fight. Maidana swings wildly as well as merely misses out on with a roundhouse right. Very little activity early in the 7th. Maidana and also Mayweather hook up on rights at the same time. Maidana goes to the physical body but Mayweather counters with physical body shot. At the bell, Mayweather drops in a late right.

Mayweather 5-.


Mayweather taking Maidana’s blows well. Maidana strikes behind the head as well as is cautioned by Kenny Bayless. Floyd tosses a one-two, associating with the right. Mayweather obtains Maidana on the ropes as well as associates with a short, hard right. Right by Maidana, and Mayweather counters. Mayweather states Maidana little bit his glove. Bayless claims he didn’t see it. Mayweather states he actually bit his fingers. They’re fighting once more, Mayweather throws a counter left, and also the round finally finishes. Bizarre stuff. Mayweather resembled he was holding his glove in Maidana’s face. Mayweather 6-.


Floyd advised by Bayless for securing and holding. He does it once again and Maidana, with his right-hand man held, hits Mayweather with his left. Maidana gets in touch with a right to the physical body. Counter left by Mayweather. Maidana comes with Mayweather on the ropes and also Mayweather slides it deftly. Mayweather is a master of defense. However he’s holding a great deal.

Mayweather once again, now 7-.


Maidana blocks a left from Mayweather. Floyd counterpunching remarkably tonite. Maidana goes after Mayweather in the corner yet again, Mayweather slides from his grasp. Mayweather is lowered, and Bayless takes a factor from Maidana. Maidana going all out in the edge versus Floyd. He senses an urgency regarding should do something huge with rounds left. Floyd obtains a 10-8 round. Yet avoids any warnings for holding.

Mayweather 8-.


Maidana turning boldy and extremely, but Floyd counters with a left. Bayless quits it when Floyd hits below the belt. Maidana gets in touch with a tough left to the solar plexus. Floyd incredibly precise tonight. Mayweather hooks up to Maidana’s head with a left hand. Maidana continues to be discouraged by Mayweather’s activity (he will call it running). The fighters integrate at the bell with a flurry, but it’s one more Mayweather round. Clearly Maidana requires a ko.
Mayweather 9-


Mayweather moving around and also staying clear of whatever Maidana could throw at him. Maidana knows he requires a KO and is looking for the best go. Mayweather is not terribly exciting to watch, yet he functions the pleasant science to excellence. Maidana corners Mayweather as well as lands a flurry. And it mores than. Maidana takes the 12th round because he was more aggressive than Mayweather that just avoided trouble. Mayweather connected on 51 % of his strikes to 22 % for Maidana.

9-3 for Mayweather on my scorecard.Mayweather fan

All in all it was a Good Fight… 
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