Five Lifestyle Choices for Powerful Entrepreneurs

Lifestyle Of Successful Entrepreneurs 

Lifestyle Entrepreneurs

 ”Genius is 1% inspiration, and 99% perspiration.”- Thomas Edison

I am currently seating in my office and it’s 8 o’clock PM on Friday Night

while I’m writing this Blog post for you,


The one thing that came to my mind,

About 3 years ago before my true calling of Entrepreneurship found me,

I would be making plans to go out with friends just like every Friday night…


But after learning a few lesson of what it requires to win BIG in life,

Some days, you have to stay in and sweat it out; Today is one of these day.

(As a Side Note: Most of my friends were broke and plan to only work a 9-5 for the rest of their lives)



Five Lifestyle Choices For Powerful Entrepreneurs




A smart man said once “if they was to give all the money in the world to the poor 

it would find its way back the rich” 

The Reason for that, is “INVESTMENT”

The rich learn how to invest in themselves,

If You are not prepared to invest in yourself no one else will..

For me to run my Online Business, I have to invest in Tools like this blog, autoresponder, websites ect


If you could cut back for about $100-200 a month 

You would have that money to invest in your website

which can potentially make you $1000 even to $10,000  when you follow my Training at the Buffet,


It might require not going to the movies on the week-end

Or not buying this new pair of Jordan,

But you know that money will come back to you in tenth fold.





Reaching Your goal as an Entrepreneur require some times

At time it is not how long it takes you to get to your Goal

You don’t really Get rewarded for the time but you get reward on the product…


Now as you grow as an entrepreneur,

The best way for you to maximize time is to leverage it.


Everyone has 24hours in the day that’s true

But here’s a formula to have 72 hours in your day…


Hire 6 assistant each at 8 hours a day to complete your task…

You suddenly expand time, like it’s a time machine.

This is the power of Leverage… Use it..




“Do the work” it boils down to just that.

This part is called “The GRIND” 

Nobody can escape that, many people have tried,

But it always landed them the path they don’t want to be on “FAILURE” 


You Have to command Yourself to STOP BEING LAZY 

And know that you cannot escape the work part…

Learn whatever you have to learn and go take action, by applying it.


PROCRASTINATION is the biggest Demon you will face in this PHASE

and the only way to destroy it, is to TAKE ACTION and take massive action.




As an ENTREPRENEUR you are called with a Specific VISION,

It sometimes gets very lonely on this road,


Because most people will chose the regular average way,

the 9-5, the average car, house, family ect

But not You… You are an Eagle and You Fly Higher…


Find a group of people who believe in your VISION

People who will encourage you not to QUIT

People who will stand behind you to keep going when you have nothing LEFT….





“Successful People get comfortable doing the uncomfortable”

Be willing to expand, be willing to learn new information,

Like learning how you can use a site like this one to make over $100,000 a year online. 


The best way to get comfortable doing anything in life

is for you to go do it.


No matter how much you talk about it,

it wont mean a thing until you go out there and build it.






Hope you enjoy these tips!!!

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