Facebook Marketing Tips For 2014

Facebook Traffic Getting

Facebook Marketing Tips

Facebook is awesome place to market your business.. I have been marketing on Facebook for 2 years now consistently, so I have gain a lot of results from this source itself to know that it can work with anything that you are trying to market…

This blog will focus on just one Facebook marketing tip that I use to get results..

Again this is not the only  way i market on Facebook

But this is what I have done so far, to get the results that I show in the video below… Make sure you watch it to get Full VALUE…

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So Let’s Cover some of the Facebook Marketing Tip for 2014


Info About Yourself And What You DO 

Make sure you give people information about you… Remember now you are marketing a business on your profile, if you don’t want it to be part of your personal life, just create a business profile where it’s going to be just for that…

Precise Call To Action 

This Facebook Marketing Tip can be valuable for anything… “People will do exactly what you ask them to do, so make sure you have a call to action that shows them, what they need to do next… Even an Click Here Arrow arrow-1-red-l

Plan To GROW Perception is Reality (How to give the right one) 

You can do it manually but it’s tedious, or you can use tools to add friends to your facebook, which I recommend a couple of softwares mention in the video above….

Graphic , (professional, fiverr or made yourself)

You can get nice graphic made for you at 20dollarsbanner.com or Fiverr for $5 or you can do it yourself, to give people a call to action when they come on your page….

Facebook Activity 

Make sure you post something on your profile daily to let people know that you are here and you are persisting in your business and you are making the income that you want…

Multiple Profiles 

Having multiple Profiles is going to help you, if ever facebook was to have something against your method and put any limitation on your account…



Facebook Traffic Spike

Facebook Marketing Tips For Posting in Facebook GROUPS

  • Choosing Targeted Multiple Facebook Profiles (Niche Targeting)
  • Add Friends From the Facebook Groups (potential Customer)
  • Post in Groups (Value, Proof, Target Layout)
  • How To Do it without Getting Caught by Facebook

Facebook Phone Log in

Design Your Facebook Group Posting

  • Make Sure You Have A Funnel Set UP
  • Drive Traffic (Do it Yourself)
  • or Use Tool For Partial Automation
  • Tools I use, Flirt, BMID fb tool, toolstar, fbblasterpro


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  1. Thanks, Andrea. I’m studying social media theory and practice with @DR4WARD at @NewhouseSU and we’re in the midst of learning about Facebook. I subscribe to the Social Media Examiner blog and found your tips to be extremely useful. Can’t wait to put them to use (especially #4 and #9). Thanks so much. #NewhouseSM6

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