Facebook Ad Tip – How To Scale Up Your Campaign To Increase Profits




Have you ever had this great product that you are selling
you can see people are buying it all day
But you are afraid to scale up because of Fear of Loosing money?
well Keep reading this POST…


The Power of SCALING

No matter what action you are taking for your business, your intention should always be on expanding and growing. Even during the most difficult time when most people contract because of different factors that might hit their business, your FOCUS should always be expansion….


The same principle apply when using PAID marketing to expand our products and brand.

Rules of Scaling:

1) Never Stay In The Comfort Zone

2) Investment always come before reinvestment

3) You either Loosing or winning

4) Data comes before $$$


Let me break down for you 3 ways I Scale my Campaigns…

(showing in this pic is one example campaign) Scaling fb ads


1) Scale TEST 

So here what you do is to create a test ad first, you don’t just want to scale without testing, you will loose crazy amount of money if you just scale whatever you feel like scaling without testing.

Create your First Ad just for the Purpose of Testing…
I highly suggest a PPE (Page Post Engagement Ad)


2) Scale Through Gender And Ages 

Now if my test went well, I’m going to test my ad further by adding more deepen strategies to my campaign. My next move is to create ads targeting Genders separately so male would be separate from female.
Next would be the age group of my genders, so it would for example Male from age 18-20 vs Female age 21-24
I would test each gender and group at $1

This might take some times (but you can use a tool in this Training that allows you to do it in minutes)


3) Scaling Winners and Killing Loosers 

From my ad set i would literally create about 30 ads with the tool
my goal is to kill everything that’s not making sales for the next 3-5 days
And increase my budget while duplicating what’s making sales.


4) Scaling Through States

After you get enough Data, Facebook will allow you to see even the States
where you are getting your sales, so now you get ultra targetted,
spending money only where your sales are coming from….


5) Scaling Countries

If your items are doing well in the states, uk, au, ca,
don’t be afraid to spend money to expand in different countries
test other countries where you can make even more profits….

These are the 5 ways that I scale my Campaign…

I PUT A VIDEO TOGETHER of me Explaining it LIVE





Keder Cormier





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