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 Dark Post Profit 2.0 Overview 

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   Dark Post Profit 2.0 is a Product put together by one of the online marketing industry’s best, Chris Record…

After having massive success with the dark post profit #1 he decided to create a sequel to give even more values.

This Post is going to be based on my own experience, using some of the strategies that Chris has recently taught me
Which are already bringing more traffic and more income to my business…


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Dark Post Profit 2.0

What Exactly Is Dark Post Profit 2.0? 

This product concept is based on the revolutionary Dark Post that allow you to promote anything in the Facebook NewsFeed without placing them on your specific wall, which allows you to market to different niches without confusing your audience or having to build multiple pages which are hard to maintain it all…

So about 9 months ago Chris came out with Dark Post Profit,

a product that teaches you exactly how to master the art of Facebook marketing.


Why do we Need a New Dark Post Profit? 

Well you might ask yourself, and said… “wait it’s only been 9 months… why do we need a new dark post profit course”


Facebook has made a lot of changes in the a very short timespan to the way that advertising are able to market their products,

some of it are for the better, some gets a little bit harder, but thank GOD for this course

You will be able to learn your way around them most.


As Fb keep changing its algorithm, many users has gotten in trouble not following the Rules and Facebook Terms of Services,

Many marketers even get their accounts blocked or suspended…


But with Dark Post Profits 2.0, You will have the tools and knowledge to master news feed to drive more visitors, leads, & sales to any business that you want to!

Here’s some of what you Can Expects from DDP 2.0

  • 100+ Step by Step Video modules
  • Downloadable Audio of the Whole Course
  • Access to over 10,000 example of converting fb Ads
  • Custom Tool Software to Manage Facebook Comments
  • Powerful Interviews with 6-7 Figure Earners who are killing the facebook game
  • Proven Strategies that creates crazy growth in business n income
  • Over the shoulder on going webinar and trainings

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Here’s a Quick Walkthrough of the Dark Post Profits

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Dark post Profit 2.0 Tools

Chris has fully loaded this product with many different tools inside of of one hub

that’s going to make your experience easy as a breeze…

From managing all your Facebook Fan Pages Post inside of one page to

figuring out which t-shirts that’s selling like hot cake that you can use…


some layouts to expects… 


Page Manager: With this tool, you are able to control, update and check all the activities that’s going on with all your facebook fan pages in one place,
this allow you to move fast and move slick through your pages…

Comment analysis



This is just of of the many tools that you will have access today when you get in the dark post profits 2.0 . 

The’s many more in there, 

Including: comments managing tools that allow you to manage all your comments in one spot

and focus on interacting with your most popular comments to boost your organic Traffic…



Some Others Having Results with DDP 2.0 

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Get in now yellow and blue







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