Amazon Affiliate Marketing – Fastest Way To Start Make Money in 2019

Today guys I’m gonna be talking to you about how to make money with the number one website in a two hundred and fifty billion dollar industry yes ecommerce industry, Amazon the number one website guys, if you buying stuff on the Internet you should be able to make money with Amazon and I’m gonna teach you inside of this video exactly how you can do it.

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You gonna need the what so called an associate account, when you become an associate with Amazon it’s like an affiliate, what you’re doing is where you’re actually allowed to sell their products so any products that you have in your house or any product that you buy. For example if I wanted to sell a camera on Amazon, I can sell this product that I bought from Amazon itself and get a commission. If i wanted to sell this product i would become an affiliate, anything in your house that you bought online if you can find it in Amazon you can become an affiliate and make money off of that,  also you can make money of product you don’t even buy or have in your house as long as you can set up the traffic. Now how you gonna earn money? With Amazon once you create an account with them you’re gonna be able to log it into your back office you can earn anywhere between 3% on every product that’s on Amazon all the way up to 15% they’re gonna keep increasing you as you get better into driving traffic.

Now we’re gonna be getting into research guys this is where research is very important you hear a lot of people talk about niches.

When you are going into Amazon, the key is to go into the sub niches this is where people say the riches is the niche, but the riches is in the sub-niches, those are the main big niches you’re gonna go because if you create a website you’re not just gonna sell health right, you’re not gonna sell wedding, you’re gonna need specific products as people are looking for specific products inside of those niches.



Health and Fitness -Yoga

-Intermittent fasting

If I was gonna go after health, we’re gonna break it down into sub niches, for example a person that’s in health they probably would be looking on, let’s say in that sub niche of health now you have people that’s doing yoga right, so they’re gonna need yoga mat, yoga bracelets, yoga sweatshirts. Now you go into the sub niche of a health and fitness then you might have people that don’t intermittent fasting, so in there you would find more people that’s using apple cider vinegars for diet or people that using black seed oil stuff like that.

Let’s put another big niche which is the tech niche, when you go inside of the tech you will find people that’s buying cameras, they’re buying tools, people buy mic, they buy different things so what we would do, this is how we will break it down so we’ll go into the sub niche.


TECH NICHE:                                            SUB-NICHE

-Camera -Canon G7X Mark II

-Canon 70d

Let’s say I was into the tech niche I would go into camera, so the cameras would be a niche and it is even more sub niche, now I’ll go into brand what types of brand people are using like a Canon, so there’s a Canon 70d 7x Mark II, there’s Canon 70d, so you’re gonna break it down into the niches now when you get into the niches here’s what you could do so you can get more traffic and understanding with the keywords.

For example I’m gonna go into the photography niche I’m gonna go directly into the camera. On the side of the results here there’s this keyword, this is a tool you can actually download called Keyword Everywhere.

This is a plugin you can put on your computer and whenever you make a search it will bring you more search, it will bring you value of what people are searching for.

So if you getting started let’s say with the items in your house that you want to start driving traffic to and start making money off, so don’t just take the item and not know what people searching for, because I could just put you know Canon 70d or canon g7x but I don’t know how people searching for it, the best thing you want to know how people are searching for it. For example if you search the Canon g7x Mark III on google with the

Keyword Everywhere  you can see best buy you can see this one the value is a thousand anything over a thousand is great, people were looking for g7x Mark III.

So instead of making a review for g7x Mark II of me writing a blog post on my website with that to get traffic to it on Amazon, I would rather just do it with Mark III because that’s driving a lot more traffic and all you gotta do to get that but you go to Amazon and get the link of the product so you can promote it.

The cool thing with Amazon they give you this little tool called Sitestripe where you can just click on the text on top so if I click on tap right there you click on text is gonna pop the link for you so you can just click the link that would be your short link, you copy it you put it on your website then you put in the video reviews that you make or you put it on a website review and that’s how you start driving traffic because now you know what people are searching for.

Now when i’m gonna do videos, I wanna start looking at long tail keyword for example long tail keywords so instead of looking at Canon I would be looking:



Best Canon Cameras

-Top Canon Cameras

-Beginner’s Camera for 2019

So you could jot it down like that, and another way, instead of just trying to come up with your own ideas with your long tail keyword, what you could do you could go to AnswerThePublic.

Go over there, you could put on the search engine, “the best camera” or “top camera” and click on get questions and it’s gonna give you a bunch of questions that people ask you for, so it’s gonna gather a bunch of questions for you.


This is what people are searching for, so now you’re not just focusing on you, you already have the item, the key you wanna see what people are searching for in the search engines so you can sell them that product, so the more you can write different articles or make videos about those questions that people have you answer in the public, when you think of yourself you’re one person but when you think of the public there are millions and billions of people going and searching for those camera for this keyword, now if you can put yourself in full in the traffic guess what you’re gonna be able to capitalize on the number one platform ecommerce online guys you can let me definitely crush it.

Let me show you another website, Adsense so just Adsense that pays people in YouTube you can actually make money on your website. So you can set up Adsense on your website as you start getting visitors, not only you making money with Amazon but you’re also making money with Adsense you hitting two birds with one stone which is powerful.

Once you understand traffic and you understand how to get started you get rolling, it’s step by step, you start growing, you start taking it to the next level and that’s how you grow. Once you have that website going, you can monetize with Adsense you can monetize with Amazon right with the products reviews you doing, and then you monetize with Adsense on the website, so everybody that’s touching the website that’s coming in, they’re gonna get hit with the Adsense.

So even if they don’t buy anything with Adsense as long as this scrolling they see the ad just like on YouTube, then I add that place before the video plays, it doesn’t matter if you buy anything from the ad that place as long as the 5-second plays even if you escape.  YouTube charges the advertiser of fee because even if the ad doesn’t play the whole way through, that’s on them, they might charge more if the ad plays all the way through, but they still charge the advertiser of fee and therefore they pay you as the person who is creating the data, I was creating the traffic they split the money with you. And it’s the same thing for your website the people won’t have to click on the ad to go buy something in order for you to make money, the ad just have to be shown in front of them if they click it you might get a little bit more money, but if they don’t click it and  they still see the ad and you’re still gonna be able to make money.

For more specific information, be sure to watch the video above, so you’ll get more shining on the Idea.

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