Affiliate Marketing For Starter – How To Make 50K A Month Online


Affiliate Marketing? What is it?

It’s no secret, by now i’m sure even before you read this article you know there’s a lot of people out there banking with affiliate marketing, and you are wondering how can you do the same thing for yourself?
Keep reading I have all the answers for you in post.

To keep it simple Affiliate Marketing is selling other people’s products.
Which makes it easy for you if you are a beginner just starting an online business.

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Affiliate Marketing What You Must know:

  • Experience Required: None
  • Degree of Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Cost of Operation: $100
  • Avg. Timeframe for Success: 1-6 months
  • Potential: $1,000,000+ A Year 
  • Passive Income: Yes


5 Steps To Blowout Affiliate Marketing

  1. Set It Up 
    If you have the right strategy setting up campaigns usually would take you about 2-3 hours
    but as you become more efficient that time frame lessen.In setting up a successful affiliate marketing campaign you going to need a couple of tools
    and services to get it working efficient for best results.First thing you gonna have to do is join networks that allow you to promote affiliate products
    a couple of them i use is and
    Get yourself and affiliate account with them it’s FREE
  2. Tools & Service You Gonna Need 
    Aweber: This service is an autoresponder system that will allow you build your list
    so that you can communicate with your prospects and clients long term.
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  3. Clickfunnels: This service is a page builder that allows you to create beautiful high
    converting capture pages, landing pages, and other cool stuff such
    as course hosting and webinars for your potential clients
    Test it out FREE ➡️➡️ CLICK HEREClickMagick: This service is a tracker that’s going to help you keep control of
    what’s going on with your campaign

    by giving you data on performance
                                 Get Yours ➡️➡️ CLICK HERE This is A free network that focus on relationship between vendors and affiliates.
                              They usually host all the implications related to the products, such a payments,
    hosting ect…
    that way you don’t have to worry about it. Similar to Jvzoo, clickbank is a site you can become an affiliate for free
    and get access to thousands of products you can promote
    that will pay you a commission on every sales you make.

  4. Test it up: In this process you want to keep in mind that: not all of your campaigns
    will be winners, have patience and use the 80/20 rule
    meaning out of 10 launch campaigns you launch more likely
    2 will be very successful, focus on the 2.
  5. Tweak it up: This is your phase after testing you gather data and optimize
    your campaign to create better results,
    base on the information you get from your test.
  6. Scale It up: Once you find out which campaign that’s making you money
    now your duty is to scale it up, by getting more traffic to
    your conversion page.
  7. Monitor it Up : Don’t be lazy, keep an eye on your progress, so you can
    cut out losses and focus on the winners.




Frequently Asked Questions

– Do I Need a List To Do Affiliate Marketing?
No, most of us starts without a list, but long term you definitely want to focus on creating a list that you can market to over and over again to create more cashflow inside of your business.

– How Do Affiliates Get Paid?
Most affiliates get paid through a service such as Paypal, Payza, other merchant account or directly to your bank , even home delivery checks at time. But you don’t have to worry about that part, the product owner usually have things in place to take care of payments.

How much does it cost to become an Affiliate?
With most products that has an affiliate program to it, it’s usually free to be an affiliate because vendors knows that you gonna bring them sells, except for some that requires for you to buy the product first before you become an affiliate.

What Are Affiliate Networks?
Places where you can find many different offers in your niche that you can be an affiliate of and promote to make a commission.

What is Cookie?
A cookie is a piece of code place on your potential buyer’s computer when they click your link, just in case they buy a few days later, the purchase still credit to you…

-How Long does cookies last?
Cookie usually last anywhere from 30-180 days on your potential prospect computer.

-What is EPC?
Earning Per Click, this comes very handy to know when it comes to running paid traffic to your offers. You will be able to detect which offers are converting and where you should invest most of your money.

-How Do I Decide Which product to promote?
Usually the affiliate network you choose such as clickbank or jvzoo will have data on the program you trying to promote, and you can see the best converting ones. The other way to go about it, is to promote programs that you are using and getting results from so you know it’s been first hand tested by you.

-What is the best way for me to get started?
All You need to get started is to follow the steps from the affiliate marketing acceleration mastery course and you should be good to go.

-Do I need to spend money (e.g., PPC, paid advertising, etc) to make money with affiliate marketing?
You can get started without spending money, utilizing free traffic strategy, but just be aware that it’s not easy to scale free traffic and it will require a lot more of your effort. I teach more about free traffic acquisition inside of the affiliate marketing acceleration master course.

Do you lose money on offers while trying to find profitable ones? Is this process inevitable?
If you are doing paid marketing, sometimes you have to sacrifice some front end money to test things…
So that you can get access to the data; i wouldn’t technically call it lost, but testing.

-What are the most important things to track and test when promoting affiliate offers?
Stand for return on Investment. You don’t want to be spending money to market an offer, that’s only losing you money. if your test don’t go well, don’t scale up to lose your money in the process.

– Do you use pre-sell pages when promoting affiliate offers, or do you send the traffic directly to the sales page of the merchant?
It’s always a good idea to build a list while you promoting an offer, it makes it more worth long term if you can increase your subscribers list.

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