9 Cs of Entrepreneurship Success


The 9 C’s of Success for the Entrepreneurs 

   1. Commitment 

This is going to be the first part of any success,
without it success will not be long term.
You have to be committed to the Process 

Most people say hey commit yourself to 90 days
so that you can see some results,
But when it comes to commitment it’s really HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT?

The way to truly Reach Success is to Set Goals
But be committed to the Result…
Meaning even if 90 days hit, you did not get there yet, you still gonna PUSH.


  2. Creation 

I totally understand coming to a new field
You might be tempted to feel that you can’t create
But here’s the Secret…

The Easiest way to create is from Learning…
There are many blueprints that’s already established
You don’t have to reinvent the Wheel.

Find videos, courses, books and resources
About your subject of interest,
then you can model after as you bring originality to it….


3. Contribution 

The art of giving back, leaving your mark, doing for others…
The more we live life the more we want to add value to it,
the goal is to be able to ask ourselves

“How was we able to contribute to society, our field, our community”.


4. Capitalization 

Now How can you capitalize on your value?
Now I’m gonna give you a blueprint…

Most people have something that they know how to do
And if they are willing to put a price on it to teach others
more people would actually buy from them…

It’s one of the best feelings to be compensated for what you do…

Even if you feel like you don’t know much, trust me you can learn
That’s why I put the Marketing Training Buffet together for you to learn…

Then teach it and capitalize on your knowledge…


5. Collaboration 

You need the Help of others, in order for you to get where you going,
Success is never a one person task,

here’s why,

Sometimes it’s not really who you know
But it’s who they gonna bring in your life,

You might get connected with James
But they going to connect you to their friend Aaron
who’s going to help you publish your first million dollar deal…


6. Connect

Connecting with others will come on many different levels,
By relating to our prospects, clients, and peers, it makes it easier
for them to absorb our message, and consume our product…


7. Character

Building Character happens over time, we need to be patient
with ourselves in that department because character is develop over time..



8. Courage

If you are going to get anything done this will be
One of the first characteristic that you need to develop…

Courage is not the absence of FEARS
but it’s getting done inspite of all the fears you have…
through Sweat, blood and tears but still get it done…



9. Clarity

Without this one we almost just as sure to be a Failure…
Because not knowing where you going, you will never get there…

If you want to win, you have to become clear to what you want,
Then life just open the doors for you to walk through…




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