7 Ways To Make Videos Without Showing Your Face

Today guys I want to talk about 7 different ways you can actually make videos without showing your face, maybe you have a reason why you don’t like to show your  face on the camera or maybe you just wanna got avoid to different things.

Now those are ways that I’m gonna show you, there’s a stuff that I’ve tested, many of them are proven to work I’ll show you some example, well this is something I’ve been catching a lot of trends a lot of people that want to create videos without actually showing their faces and able to monetize and make money. So let me show you 7 different ways you can actually do that.

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We’ll  gonna call this strategy The Video Ghost.

  1. Screen Sharing
  • this is kind of the same thing that I’m doing here when I’m sharing my screen but I’m actually sharing my face in here but it’s not necessarily where you have to share your face.

     2. Physical item Reviews

  • let’s say for the cell phone example the iPhone 10, if you wanted to make a review of this phone you don’t actually have to show your face you can literally make a video where you sharing what’s inside of the phone what people is gonna get.

      3.  DIY

  • a lot of you do know that my wife has a channel in the DIY niche, where she showed different people how to do certain things, there’s people who literally put stuff together all you see is their hands they literally take their hands showing you exactly how to put a flower together, how to put a centerpiece together, how to do DIY for your wedding, so if you someone who’s into crafting your craft different arts you do things from your house.

       4.  Slide Shows

  • where you create a slideshow and then you start sharing different video different slides in the video, like for example if you go to google, you put a bunch of pictures together, you grab a bunch of pictures most of the software is that you use to edit your videos, you can just drop pictures and do a collage, put them all together and people can start watching the collage.

        5.  Stock Videos

  • create a video using makewebvideo.com and put it together. Get the audience going and then you can start sharing videos, without showing your face.

        6. Point of View

  • now with a point of view video this where you have a GoPro, you can put it mount it in the top of your head and then what’s gonna happen in that video you can start showing people. If you someone that goes jet skis, if you someone that goes on a boat, you could create videos, where you just mount a GoPro to your head and then boom we can start having videos into your channel.

        7.  Automatic Drawing Board

  • people doing automatic drawing where they actually drawing on a page they have a software that do that, all you doing is a voiceover but they have the hand that’s writing, there’s a software you can actually do that, there’s couple different Softwares you can actually do that, but you can make videos like that where the software already built these things for you, you just drag and drop the image and then, all you gonna do is really your voiceover.

So guys there’s no excuses even if you don’t want to show your face, there’s a 7 passive ways that you can actually make videos without showing your face, and I’ve proven it to you that I’ve done it, and it’s working we have videos that’s already made thousands of dollars without even showing our face so if you want to take action with this stuff definitely go for it.

.For more specific information, be sure to watch the video above, so you’ll get more shining on the Idea.

Hope this quick post helps you…

If this is something you gonna be giving a try let me know, so I can Identify who my action taker are…

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