30 Days To Success Formula

This Formula has changed my Life 


What if you have a formula to succeed in 30 days?

well You do…

This blog is designed to be valuable to you

but it will be valuable to your success
So keep reading…This is a concept i borrow from the software industry,
where you can download a trial version of most software
risk FREE for 30 days.
Watch the video below 

Let’s say you want to make more money online
You have an offer
you know you need traffic to convert

them into sales and customers

There are many ways you can get traffic…
Base on this principle
You will do a proven strategy for 30 days no cheating

If you want to do Facebook
You will do it everyday for 30 days (no cheating)
If you want to do Youtube
It will be everyday for 30 days (no cheating)

then you evaluate the results.

This can be applied to any new habits

that you want to create.

When i first started my business
I find myself struggling to close clients
but my mentor told me to read about
self-improvements and sales for 30 days
and everything would change…

Because i really wanted a change in my life
and my income…
I stopped trying to do it my way then listen.
I read for the first week
It was freakin hard, just like starting any new habit
But after the 30 days was over i knew a lot more
about myself and closing my clients;
my sales improved a little

The question i asked myself was
what if i do this every day for 90 days
I wonder what would happen?
You bet it… my sales tripled in 90 days

And now it becomes a habit.

Before you begun this strategy
It will seems too overwhelming

to think about making a big change and sticking with it every day
for the rest of your LIFE
switch that thinking to only a 30 days trial
It will give you the courage to keep going since it’s much smaller.Evaluate your results after 30 days
In correlation to your goals
and if that’s bringing you closer
You’ll know what to do.
Here are some more ideas you can apply the 30 days trials method toGive up TV: Tape all your favorite shows and watch them after the trial
Rise Up Early: Wake up 5am or earlier every single day and get more done
No Soda or Juice: Drinking water only for 30 days
Video: Make a video a day for 30 days increase your revenue
Write: Write your goals every day for 30 days

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