3 Tools To Increase Your Facebook Traffic



Are You Marketing On Facebook?

If you are not marketing on Facebook in this era, I can tell you that you are leaving a lot of money on the table… I don’t think it has ever been so easier to make a killing on Facebook using Facebook ads. In this blog post I will share with you a some strategies and tools to crush Facebook…

are you down?


What You need to know When You start Spending Money On Facebook 



So Be willing to pay Facebook to acquire data, and once you get the data make a killing, because now you now where to spend your money, you know who’s buying, you know who’s interacting, you know who’s taking action on your ads.

Case Study Process

Step 1: Show in the pic below…
First You Set an Ad To Acquire Data From Facebook, so you know where you gonna spend your money

Case Study part 1 conversion







Step 2: show in this pic below
After you get your Data and you know where you Traffic and clicks are coming from, it’s time to turn up the heat and make a killing

Conversion case study  2

 As you can see in the picture above, after I get my data at $25 I Scale up the Campaign to $268 in ad spent which bring back $1,285 in revenue, 5 times what I spent, Now I’m going to repeat the process again,

-At this Rate every $1 I spent I make $4.79 back 
then it becomes a play of money
If you spend $1,000 on this campaign you can expect to make $4,790.00 in returns… 



Now What 3 Tools Did I Use To make This Possible?

1. Facebook Fan Page

Facebook Fan Page are Free and Easy To Create You can get one for any idea you might have, just from your facebook profile create a fanpage. And that will give you the ability to create ads.


2. Facebook Audience Insight 
This is a Tool provided by Facebook that allow you to get laser targeted with your Facebook adversting.. by allowing to see who’s being must interactive with your topic of choice, including gender, sex, age, education ect.


3. MASSIVE SHOPIFY CONVERSION (the most important of all)

This Third tool is training put together by me and one of my students, Gabriel Beltran, which introduce you another tool which is by far the most powerful one out of all 3. We also go into details on how to crush it on Facebook Using Fan Page advertising.
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