2 Tips To Help You Get More Business in 2015

New Life Chapter… 

Tips to get more business

Today is a new chapter in the life of myself, my wife and the Twins…

After spending about 2 months with our in-laws we are going back home… 

I’m really excited to take on the challenge of being new parents on our own now…


This is so much fun and so challenging at the same time,

But with so many great advices and help,

We have been getting through just fine.



What I want to share with you Today… 

Allow me to share with you 2 awesome tips that’s been helping me rock my business

for over 2 years…

I believe by sharing them with you,

they will help you shed some light

On particular areas of your business…


First Watch this Video as I explain My Experience in Depth 

Tip 1: Be Willing To Gain Experience 

The only way to become an expert at your business,

Is to gain experience… You have to be willing to learn, implement, do and teach…


Don’t make the mistake that most online business owners do

“Learning new information and never apply them or take action” 


This is the fastest way to fail in your Online business.

Once you on that path of learning without experiencing

You cannot prevent information overload. 


Why can i explain that to you? 

I have been in your shoes…
“Information OVERLOAD” 


When I first started online 2 years ago,

I was trying to jump on every webinar that i see on Facebook or in my Email

Everyone was teaching me something different…


It lead me to the point, that “I felt Stuck”

I was INFORMATION OVERLOAD and i wasn’t taking action…


But what i figured out,

Is the more action that i take, the more i discovered,

New ways, new tricks, new methods that works better…


And these experiences made me hundreds of thousands of dollars

In my online career…

So be Ready to Experiment…



Tip 2: Be Open, Be Approachable, Be Available 

The Internet is filled with Scam,

For all i know if it’s the first time you see my video

Or my blog, You might think I’m a SCAM…


But as you keep coming here

And keep seeing what i do, you  will understand that I’m a regular guy just like you,

I put on my pants on just like you, I eat just like you…


I just have a BIG DREAM and a BIG Passion 

To help people BREAKTHROUGH, using the Internet

And facilitate them to reach their dreams and their goals,


No matter what that GOAL is.

I can’t determine that for you…

But I know I can use some of my knowledge


Which I share in the Marketing Training Buffet Course 

To help you take full advantage of the Internet…


Be open with People… 

One way to do that is to share real part of your life with them,

Specially if you are in the NETWORKING BUSINESS.. 


Or even if you are coaching students

On a specific skillsets that you have,

The fastest way to help them convince themselves they can do what you do

Is to be approachable, available and open…



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