How To Write A business Letter 

Writing a business letter can sound intimidating if you have never written one before, but i look forward enlightening you and bring some ideas to get your mind flowing in writing a powerful business letter. 

Don't Be afraid to be yourself in presenting your business through writing, in fact if your letter to introduce your business to someone else, maybe an investor, a future partner or a friend, you want to make a good impression. In the process of writing, think about Engaging Your Readers in a Conversation instead of giving them a lecture.


Process For a Good Business Letter 

Start With a Bang: Introduce your opening with subject or something that catches attention which will keep your readers in the point that you are trying to make. Your First Sentence is really the most important sentence in your Letter as it establishes the flow of rest.

Introduce Yourself and your subjects in terms that matters to the Individual You are communicating to:
Use jargon of your specific arena to get your readers full commitment and understanding of what you are trying to convey.

What's In it For Them: Your prospects don't really care about how much you gonna win, they want to know how is your project will impact them, how is your intention will benefit them, so make sure you mention and emphasize on your plan for them.

Keep It Short and Sweet: Keep your Business Letter short and simple, to the point. Use simplify language to make your points. Condense Your elaboration to one page, you never want to have 3, 4, 5 pages of lecture, then you will loose the interest of your reader. Keep your your sentences short, your paragraph of 3 lines most.

Make A Clear Point: Write your letter with a specific and clear intention of what you want to drive home. Make a clear point or else your letter is a waste time of yourself and your readers.

Edit as well as Proof Read: Now that you done with setting up everything, make sure you go over your letter once more and check every words and sentence, correct any grammatical error, check name and address to make sure that they are correct and on point.

Sign Your Letter: A signature is very important, that shows respect and responsibility for all stated words in your letter.

Writing a business letter





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Posted on Oct 14, 2014 - Last updated on Oct 14, 2014
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