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The Affiliate Marketing Model

1. Get An Offer 

   2. Buy Traffic 

   3. Get Sales = Make $$$


Now this is the model that I followed when i first came online,
and boy let me tell you... (I wish someone had told me)
This model will leave you Broke in the Long Term...


See When you are doing Affiliate Marketing,
most gurus will encourage you to spend $20,000 in Paid Advertising
In the effort to generate $40,000 and double your investment

But the truth is, with that model if don't own the customer
You will always end up having to pour more money to gain a new customer
While the Affiliate product owner will have a lifetime customer...

Just think about it...
Which one do you rather have?
Someone paying $45 for a sale, or a customer you will buy 10K worth of product from you?

I'm sure the answer is Obvious....


Now Let's Fix The PROBLEM...

How can you own Your Customers? 

The First Step In Owning your customer is to always think about List Building,
If you gonna acquire a customer, you want to have them on Your LIST.

A Capture Page or Capture Form Before You send them to any Offer
Will do the trick...

I personally use Click Funnels to create All my Capture pages
Because of it's flexibility, they also give you a 14 days FREE Trial... 


The Second Step In Owning your customers is to Have A place to store your Leads,
So that you can send them all an email with the click of a button..

An Autoresponder will do the job...

For that I use Aweber which has $1 Trial.... 



Can I Use That Model In my Current Online Business You may ASK?

And indeed the answer to that question is YES...

As I stated in the video above, If you currently promoting any online business

wether it's a network marketing, internet marketing, affiliate marketing, 

which ever mode that you use, You will be wise to set up the foundation above...


I can promise you, if you don't and you keep going that route

a year later you will come back and say WOW, this makes so much sense now...




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Posted on Apr 9, 2015 - Last updated on Apr 9, 2015
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  1. Carla says:

    Love you video!

  2. Deirdre Powell says:

    Great post and video. Lots of value Keder!

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