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Getting Traffic For Your Online Business? 

This is the nightmare that many businesses face, including online business.

If you are reading this blog, I'm not sure if you can relate?

Your friend came to you with this awesome opportunity, you go through the presentation,

You like the money part, you love the lifestyle, you can see how you can become a millionaire,

i want more leads

so you got in...


And Bleep you hit a Breakwall;

no one wants to join you,

you go to your family, they think this is just the NEXT SCAM

You to go your friends and they alienate you.


Now what do you do?

Watch This Video as I go In the matter of a good website to get traffic for my online business that i use. 

Click Here For The Traffic Source I use 


As of this moment there are a lot of people in the United Stated who are gravitating towards the work from home industry,
many knows and believe that it's their way out of their mediocrity job and lifestyle that they don't want, but as they can in
They soon to findout that this industry comes with its own challenges...

Such as: The ability to generate leads for a business after you become an affiliate.


There's 2 Ways You can Generate Leads For Your Online Business... 

1. Perceivable Free Ways  (Free ways)

The reason i call it perceivable free ways is because most people see it as free but it's not really free,


Because any Free strategy you can implement in your online business to bring traffic,

will cost you your time and we all know that time = money, 

so in the end it's NOT really FREE...


Free Marketing would Include stuff like Blogging, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin

It takes time to build your Brand and your following when you do Free Strategies but it works awesome long term

If you need any of these skill sets for your business, I teach them at The 


Now Let's talk about the 2nd way which happens to be my favorite.

Free vs Paid marketing


2. Paid Marketing

This is where you can use money to grow your business and grow your business fast

Here's a quick lay out you need after you get that traffic.

1- Scale UP your Paid advertising
2- Tweak Your website
3- Focus on Growing your List
4- Provide Value to that list
5- Ask for the sales....

These 5 steps will have you on the way to crush it on the internet...


 What To do With My Traffic? 

Now that you get the traffic,

how do you convert them into sales...?

I'm going to detail this process for you in a video below.


But here's how it has been successful for me...

1. Create a Funnel that you can Test,

that include a capture page, Autoresponder with email series, and Massive Value

2. Craft Your Emails Towards educating your List to what your offer provide.

3. Take it a Step further with webinars, 2 ways access communication, facebook ect


How to Set Up Your Traffic After You GET It 

Some of the tools i use in this video is Aweber 

which is how i store my leads, and then Click Funnels 

which is the best machine i see in the market place for Funnel Creation...

that's it for today...



Thank you For Reading,
Please leave A Comment below if you found VALUE or have questions


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Posted on Mar 13, 2015 - Last updated on Mar 13, 2015
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