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Hey What's Going on, Keder Here

I'm excited to have you on board here on my new blog...

As you know I love to give value,

I love to help people, i love to see my team succeed, I love to see others wining and this is going to be the soul purpose of this blog to share with you anything that can help you succeed in your business, life, journey in general...


What To Expects From This Blog




Product Review


My Story

When I started this journey 2 years ago I didn't know how much fun i was going to have, how much lives that i was going to be able to change, how much people that i would be able to inspire. Just thinking about still make my heart beat faster...
So if you are reading this i want you to know the same thing

You just don't know yet, because you haven't got started on your journey But when you do you will impact so many lives if you take this seriously
And make the decision to never quit until you reach your goal....


What I did To Get Here

So When I started Online, I did not know a thing about the Internet  but i was ambitious, i wanted to succeed more than anything,
so i make it a goal to crack the code...

My first year Online, I struggle, but I learned from many leaders, i learned the concept of building a team, building a list, branding myself in social media ...

I opened an account with Facebook, one with Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin, Pinterest, blogger, tumblr, instagram, even myspace And i started to make videos, give values, and help build.

Using this main Principle... Learn Some, Do Some, Teach Some and Do Some More

So I started to spend more time doing than learning that's where the main secret is...

Record your process while you are doing so others can see it and believe in you...



Accomplishments Online


Biggest Accomplishment so Far?

CL TRAFFIC BANANAS:     This is a course that I created just from going out there and looking for a solution for myself  It was not really intended to be a product at first, but little did i know so many people was struggling with the same thing  so when i offer this solution it made us our first $100,000 month and hit a quarter million $ in sales in 6 months.
Not just the monetary results mattered, but many people started to get leads, sales, for their online and offline business, which was amazing and still is...


AFFILIATE BEAST MODE: I am a co-founder of this system that also made 6 figures with a great mentor Jermaine Steele  Who contribute so much to my success online. This really thought me the rope to selling online through video marketing and blogging, and using tools for automation, also create so much opportunity to teach others... POW POW amazing accomplishement..


WINING AFFILIATE CONTESTS : I have been able to win Many Affiliate contests online, being number 1 recruiters for many different products and company just because of the skills acquired through the years...



What's In It For YOU?

I'm looking to build an army of people who makes 6 figures or more online and reach their goals..

And I want You To Be Part Of Them...

Connect With Me So We can make the Plan For You...




Copy Writing Cheat Sheet


Copy Writing Cheat Sheet

Posted on Apr 9, 2014 - Last updated on Jun 26, 2015
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