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Is Wun Done? 

I have been in this industry for almost 3 years, and i have seen it again and again

Company going out of business and leaving its affiliates in a world of pain, hurt, confusion, debt, shame ect.

In this blog i want to show you how i have been able to cope with it through the years as it happened to me too.

It's sad but there's HOPE, and I want you to read this blog FULL WITH HOPE... 


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I had join WUN Wake Up Now about May to July of last year,

It was a good go for me and my team,

but it showed some red flags to me when i had a volume of 2500 but did not get paid...


When i had called the company they had told me,

I didn't get paid because i didn't the placement right in my back office, 

which i thought was a lame excuse not to pay your affiliate...


I had decided to back out of wake up now then...

But i was still happy for some of my teammates who had decided to carry through with it

and build a huge team and quit their job to make 5 figures income...


So what came out Good for me with WAKE UP NOW? 

You might ask yourself....

When i had joined WUN last year, i hosted my first hotel meeting,


I never hosted an hotel meeting,

due to the skillsets that i acquire through the years

I have been able to build my businesses using just the internet...


I use to talk bad about HOTEL Meeting 

Because I never hosted one until that day ...


But what I realized is that it was faster to gain people trust

when you are physically in a room with them than when they find you on the internet

Eventhough online we use a formula call funnel follow-up to ease people buying decision, it takes longer for them to trust you, but it works since you can put it on automation with an autoresponder and other tools...


That meeting was fun, 

and we ended up closing 35 people in a single meeting,

which was the room size...


The Only downside i found with hotel meeting is that

your potential customers are limited compare to the internet

You can only be in one place at a time,


On the internet, it's solely different.

As you reading this blog, i have someone else watching another video i did maybe 2 years ago

and ready to join my business... 


All in all,

I have experienced company going out of business after you put sweat, blood and tears to build them,

this Formula I'm sharing with you allow me to prevail the TEST of time.

while companies come and goes...


Wake Up now RIP WUN





1- Brand Yourself Not The Company 

No matter how great the company can be for you and your team today,

You can't guarantee they are going to be around forever.

Well after all there's no guarantee in life, but bet on yourself instead...


2- Acquire more than one Skill sets 

When you have your skillsets down pack, you don't really need the companies

They are actually the ones who needs you,

Shield yourself from being a Victim by becoming a very skillful marketer...



3- Build multiple streams of Income 

This one has been controversial in the online marketing world,

One Guru believes when you put all your eggs in one basket they grow,

Another Guru believes what happen if the basket fall...


I'm a big advocate of multiple streams of income

I believe in the beginning it's ok to start with one

so that you can gain your balance, but once you get it, get more than one stream of income...


I teach more about this concept in my new website Marketing Training Buffet Website



4- Create Your Own Product or Your Own Company 

This is the sweet spot you want to be in...

Yes it does comes with more effort and more responsibility

But very rewarding.


Think of an idea, or something that you know well

Or you might want to share with people,

that includes something like: how i sponsor 1200 people in my last company (WUN)


I guarantee, people will want to know how to do that

so they can replicate it in their current business...

And they would pay you money for it...


So my friend, if you make it to the end of this blog,

there is HOPE... 





Thank you For Reading, Please leave A Comment below if you found VALUE

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Posted on Feb 11, 2015 - Last updated on Feb 11, 2015
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  1. tanisha says:

    Sad all those reps and cocky attitudes

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