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How To Use Gratitude To Change Your Life


In this video today guys I’m gonna talk about why is it so important to be grateful.

You’re gonna realize when you start going for what you want in life. Whatever that you want is kind of paralyzing you from being grateful because most of the time if you start thinking about what you want, you’re not gonna be grateful because you’re thinking of the future but here’s the thing you cannot have the future and the present at the same time. There’s only the present, you cannot have the past and the present at the same time.

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Gratefulness exists in the present moment and that’s why you must be present because your future always most of the time is gonna rob you of your happiness. Of your current moment happiness, it happens when you are being grateful. You know, being grateful for the now because sometimes as an entrepreneur we can get sucked in into it.

I’ve got so much drive that I want to change the world and you focus on the future and the future is not here yet and if you don’t get that future you get disappointed, you get sad you’re not happy. But I’m gonna tell you to be grateful. When you’re grateful it allows you to be excited and be happy in the process. So this morning I wake up every day, I do an exercise and fuel myself.

You will see all the trees, we just had a hurricane called hurricane Irma where 29 people died. The houses got flooded and you know there’s so many craziness. I have craziness going on in my life personally but if I focus on what I want, I would not be grateful and I wouldn’t be happy but this morning I will come in and say… Yo, I’m excited about just being alive. Just being grateful for having life. Just being grateful for being here and for having this experience for making this video you know for the future.

Being grateful is gonna enable you to be more happy and feel more fulfilled in life, that’s my gratefulness. It’s so important, it’s so amazing and when you become grateful you start attracting more, because you are already grateful for what you have.

Happiness is a state of mind. You’re not looking for something exterior to come in your life to create
that happiness, it’s already inside you.

If anything you do is about sharing the happiness you already have in your heart with others so it makes it so much more powerful. So understanding that being grateful allows you to be more happy, to be more excited and go after your dream so every morning, every day when you wake up in the morning, before you start thinking about your goals in your future, the stuff that you want, the stuff that you haven’t attained yet, the stuff that you haven’t yet done. You know instead of spending the whole night thinking, tossing around what you could have, what you could do, what you could have done and you have the rush, you have the drive. Because you’re an entrepreneur you’re powerful you’re amazing, you going after life, you chasing your dreams but in the midst of all of it if you’re not grateful it’s impossible for you to find happiness because you only focus on the future and happiness can only be in the present moment. Right now at this moment the things that you’re really grateful for it makes you happy, makes you smile, and makes you excited.

I see life to its fullest potential. It’s so powerful and it’s so amazing so therefore you start attracting even more great stuff in your life so happiness doesn’t start with what you have it starts with you changing your life.

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Posted on Sep 17, 2017 - Last updated on Sep 22, 2017
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  1. gratitude fun says:

    Happiness is wanting what you get Gratitude Fun

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